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In 2016, with support from Bas Schoonderwoerd, Director and Principal Programmer of PARKSTAD LIMBURG THEATERS, Assemblee CEO Maurice van der Kant introduced Theater College in collaboration with General Peter P. Uhm, Jan Rotmans and Erik Scherder. Since then, interest in the program has continued to grow. All three partners work with clear agreements that allow everyone to share their individual expertise, and are beneficial to all.

We offer speakers the opportunity to share their story with an bigger audience. A chance to connect with a younger generation. The speaker should entertain the theater audience. An inspiring story with a smile and a tear. Finally, at any Assemblee Theatre College will connect with the audience.

Maurice van der Kant: "I always tell speakers that the public is the stage today. I appreciate our speakers’s willingness to be open and candid with their audiences. Not everyone can or will do this. But just sitting behind a desk does not provide an energetic theater evening. The goal remains to really connect with and help people. That inspires and motivates them in this rapidly changing world.”

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