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Vikas Malkani

Vikas Malkani

Founder of SoulCentre Academy. Assemblee Speakers is the official booking agent of Vikas Malkani. Contact Vikas Malkani as keynote speaker at your event directly through Assemblee Speakers!

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Vikas is a TEDx Speaker, a Bestselling Author and a Coach who trains individuals and companies to get maximum results with minimum effort.

Vikas has coached Business Tycoons, CEO’s, Award-Winning Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Celebrities and Royalty to grow their Life & Business Success.
He has also coached leading international corporations like Rolls Royce, Proctor & Gamble, Siemens, Nike, Ogilvy & Mather and many more

An award-winning speaker, Vikas has shared global platforms with Hollywood Celebrities, World Leaders, Business Visionaries and leading Musicians and Singers.
For 2 consecutive years Vikas was selected a ‘Top Speaker’ from over 80 global speakers at Mega Success USA, in an audience of 2500 delegates from 75 countries.

Vikas is the creator of million dollar brands such as SoulCentre® and SoulKids®, brands that have won awards and impacted people across the globe. He has been featured in international media, from primetime TV features to radio interviews and magazine cover stories.

In 2019, Vikas was featured by Randy Zuckerberg (of Facebook and Zuckerberg Media) on her social media platform, where he shared his strategies and systems with over 70,000 viewers.
Vikas is respected as one of the world’s leading teachers of wisdom, meditation and mindfulness. He is also the creator of ‘The Wisdom Solution’ and ‘Meditation Made Simple’, proprietary coaching programs that have benefited individuals and companies in over 15 countries.

Vikas is also a bestselling author whose books have been translated into over 8 languages.


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Vikas has been called the ‘World’s #1 Wisdom Coach’, ‘Top Wisdom & Wealth Guru’ and the ‘Steve Jobs of Wisdom’. He is the creator of ‘Meditation Made Simple’, a coaching program that has been taught in over 15 countries. Vikas is respected as one of the world’s leading teachers of wisdom, meditation and mindfulness.

Vikas received the Top Speaker Award at the Mega Success USA 2017 conference, where more than 2500 delegates from 71 countries attended and over 80 international speakers presented.

  • ''I would like to thank Vikas for his inspirational and energizing teachings. I am very grateful and happy that life brought me to this amazing master of wisdom and wonderful human being when I just needed it the most.'' - Goran Musulin, HR Director (Asia & Australia) Siemens Healthcare Singapore
  • ''Vikas is the Steve Jobs of the spiritual world. He is truly the best teacher of wisdom I have encountered.'' - Ankush Wadhwa, Indian
  • ''I actually think that it has been life-changing for me. I am generally much happier now & focus on the positives in life which has led to a different approach to work, more work-life balance and no more sleepless nights.'' - Liz Fendt, British