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Jorg Snoeck

Jorg Snoeck

The Captain of Retail, Bestselling Author The Future of Shopping. and Future of Food. Assemblee Speakers is the official booking agent of Jorg Snoeck. Contact Jorg Snoeck as keynote speaker at your event directly through Assemblee Speakers!

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The future of Shopping, The Future of Food – A new recipe for the food sector
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Captain of Retail, Jorg Snoeck is an international speaker, founder of RetailDetail knowledge center and retail hub, author of ‘The Future of Food’ and the award- winning Management Book of the Year 2018, ‘The Future of Shopping’ published in English, French, Dutch and Chinese with a new edition now available.

RetailDetail is the leading communication and networking platform for retail and FMCG professionals in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg).

Jorg Snoeck is on a personal mission to ensure more entrepreneurs and businesses can continue to thrive in the challenging and rapidly changing retail landscape. Given his background as an entrepreneur and award-winning author, his passion especially lies in the analysis of shopping behaviour and scrutinising the changing consumer.

With the latest news, trends and expertise in retail at his fingertips, Jorg Snoeck is an energetic speaker inspiring leaders and everyone interested in retail from Hong Kong to Cape Town.


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Jorg Snoeck is on a personal mission to ensure more entrepreneurs and business can continue to thrive in the challenging and rapidly changing retail landscape.

Topics Speaker Jorg Snoeck

  •  The future of shopping
    Jorg Snoeck will paint a picture of the many opportunities and possibilities for the retail landscape to flourish into the future – everything is changing and the consumer is given so many choices when it comes to shopping. This has implications for every aspect of retailing which can be taken as both a threat and an opportunity to be seized. Jorg will specifically focus on the power of people and connection, which will have a long-term impact on consumer behaviour & how they interact with brands into the future.
  • Future of Stores
  • Future of Niches
  • Future of Retail

What other people say about Jorg Snoeck:

"As the Western European population ages and diversifies, the global population is rapidly growing. We face worldwide challenges, like resource scarcity, which have an enormous impact, even close to home. We cannot find the solutions alone. Technology will bring everyone together and provide never-before-seen opportunities. We cannot escape the future, but whoever who listens to the keynote of Jorg , is ahead of the pack!"

Wouter Kolk, CEO Albert Heijn

"Jorg Snoeck invites us to step into the new retail world where shopping is intuitive, constant and everywhere. A world that has changed from push to pull, where data is key and where service is taken to the next level by chatbots and robots. A world which is about to accelerate thanks to the internet of things. A must-read for those seeking an insightful guidebook for tomorrow’s change.”
Roland Palmer, Managing Director Alibaba Benelux

 "As Snoeck puts it very aptly, the retail industry is about to change more in the next 10 years than over the past 100 years. These monumental changes are already manifesting in countries like China, Japan, the US and Japan, where a lot of traditional retailers threaten to miss their window.  Healthy paranoia, curiosity and common sense to follow up on new, disruptive trends in retail and technology are absolutely necessities to remain successful – or even just relevant – in the future. This innovative speech is a very good place to start.”
Dirk Van den Berghe, Executive Vice President Walmart Inc, Regional CEO Asia and Canada

"Jorg clearly shows that there is a fragmentation on the demand side and temporary fragmentation at the supply side, while technology serves as a matching partner. This requires a concentration (of platforms) and a curated product range. This conundrum is then displayed in a broader spectrum, to show that it is merely the start of the "future of retail", which is an essential insight to survive this brave new world."
Cor Molenaar, Marketing professor at the RSM/Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

"Retail is the mirror on society, as it has always been. With ever-faster societal changes, customer-focused businesses have to adapt rapidly. One does not need doomsday theories or expensive seminars on "disruption" to win, but several factual guidelines to go on this journey. A passion for the industry and actual advice are the combination that characterizes Jorg Snoeck."
Frank De Moor, CEO Q-Park

"Technology changes faster than ever before. So does consumer behaviour. And let's be humble: we ain't seen nothing yet... Snoeck draws up a clear image of what technology can mean for tomorrow's world. He doesn't just illustrate the issues at hand, however, Snoeck also creates a context that allows you to find solutions. Truly useful for retailers!"
Dieter Penninckx, CEO FNG Group



The future of Shopping

Hoe winkelen mensen in de toekomst? Waarom blijven de faillissementen zich opstapelen en grijpt de leegstand in winkelstraten om zich heen? Wat kunnen merken en handelaars doen om te overleven? 

The Future of Food – A new recipe for the food sector

The Future of Food - Threatening scarcity and rising prices are forcing us towards a new food system

Rising food prices are just the beginning: scarcity will become the norm in tomorrow's food system. If we want to feed ten billion people in a sustainable and healthy way within thirty years, food production must increase by 50%. This is only possible if we overhaul the entire food system, from agriculture through production to distribution and consumption.

The new book The Future of Food – A new recipe for the food sector by Jorg Snoeck & Stefan Van Rompaey (RetailDetail) outlines the directions for the future. The lines of force?

• Towards a 'climate-intelligent' agriculture: AI, drones, robots are taking over. Vertical farming and aquaponics bring vegetable and fish farming to the city.

• A shift to plant-based alternatives: the cultivation and production of animal food products has a huge ecological footprint. Flexitarianism is becoming the new normal.

• The emergence of new, sustainable protein sources: seaweed, insects, fermentation…

• Meat and fish from the laboratory (cell culture) are no longer science fiction

• Hyper-personalized food comes out of the 3D printer, based on DNA analysis

• The fight against food waste moves up a gear with intelligent, connected packaging

• At the same time, the digital revolution is revolutionizing food distribution. New business models such as e-commerce, direct-to-consumer, virtual kitchens, meal boxes, smart refrigerators, quick commerce and blockchain technology threaten the dominance of the traditional supermarket.

• The major digital platforms are focusing on 'food as a service'. Shall we still go shopping tomorrow?