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Wim de Bundel

Wim de Bundel

Inspirator, Keynote Speaker, Business coach and Author of GIVING IS LIFE - About the Power of Giving in your private and business life. The Most Influential Commercial Professional in the Netherlands (2019). Commercial Director of the Year (2014). Director Marketing & Sales of Delta Lloyd and Nationale Nederlanden (2008-2020).

Marketing & Sales, Cultuur, Motivatie & Inspiratie, Management & Leadership, Omgaan met Verandering
Sales & Marketing Speaker, Business leader | Entrepeneur
Keynote speaker, Master class
Building a Winning Customer-Centric Culture, The Power of Giving, A Masterclass for (New) Leadership, A Masterclass for [New] Marketing and Sales people
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Wim de Bundel is not a Happiness Guru. He has been " The Most Influential Commercial Professional of the Netherlands (2019)" and awarded as "Commercial Director of the Year (2014)". For twelve years Wim de Bundel was the director of Marketing & Sales of Delta Lloyd and Nationale Nederlanden, one of the largest insurance and asset management company in The Netherlands. In his role of sponsor, Wim de Bundel worked for many years with succesfull Paralympic and Olympic athletes.

Wim de Bundel would like to tell you what happened on the fifteenth floor that cold January day in 2020, but to be honest, he prefers to talk about THE POWER OF GIVING.
Because just between us: 'What was the last thing you gave?
And? Did it make you happy?"

Wim de Bundel, author of the management and inspiration book Giving is Life and founder of the GEVENISLEVEN.NL platform [only in Dutch], is sure of it.
Giving makes you happy and leads to business success. In fact, he even dares to claim that it also keeps you healthier.

In his long career Wim de Bundel discovered 2 very essential life lessons:
1. Giving leads to receiving, much more than you can ever imagine and by giving you connect and beautiful new initiatives arise. And that is the foundation for personal happiness and business success.
2. Happy people have less stress and that in itself is very healthy.


Keynote speaker
Master class


Book WIM DE BUNDEL as Speaker, Inspirator and Business Coach via his management ASSEMBLE SPEAKERS

During his lectures, Wim de Bundel shares many insights, initiatives and sources of inspiration based on 12 years of work at the top of the commercial market. All based on the POWER OF GIVING. Afterwards you will know how to build a customer-oriented culture and organization.

Wim has taken us very energetically and enthusiastically into the way in which you can work on a customer-oriented culture based on the power of giving. You notice that he comes from the field and as one of the few speakers really knows what it is like to achieve such a culture. An absolute must!"
Bas de Reus - CEO Fujitsu

"What an inspiring session it was! No one can tell as enthusiastically as Wim how you can become happier personally and more successful in business by simply giving more."
André Rog - Director Owner Concept Benefits

"If anyone understands how to combine business, top sport and achieving goals, it is Wim. His masterclass was delicious. It is not for nothing that he was part of the team that won a golden SponsorRing with Delta Lloyd. rarely heard a story so inspiring and at the same time so concrete and valuable for any company."
Martijn van der Meulen - Founder & Manager Partner TIG Sports

It is 2008 when Wim de Bundel receives a report on his desk that makes no sense: Delta Lloyd's pension company is the worst boy in the class when it comes to service. It is up to De Bundel to turn the tide.

“If the service is bad, it means the people you work with are not happy. They feel unseen, unheard. The first thing you have to do is give those people confidence again, make sure they enjoy their work again. Whether you're selling pensions, teaching students or helping out. Only then can you be of added value.

But how do you deal with resistance? How do you connect? How do you get together?

By giving!

Giving people attention. What do they need and what can you give them?

In his case, by sharing the knowledge and experience of toppers from the Paralympic and Olympic sport with them.
In his case, with a bag of dog food under his arm and the most popular Dutch TV presenter Robert ten Brink himself in a limousine on the road to spread the message that all you need is love and connection.

And that connection is a success if your team waves goodbye to the athletes as if they were family on the eve of the Olympics and if those same athletes pamper your people for an evening after the Olympics as a thank you for the trust they have given.

And that giving pays off is a public secret: Delta Lloyd becomes "Number One in service".

Only, getting to the top is one thing. Stay on top. How do you do that?

According to Wim de Bundel by giving meaning to what you do. By looking differently at all the ingredients you already have at home. By investing in sustainability, in sports for young people for whom there is no money at home. By giving meaning, Delta Lloyd remains number one in service.

And then adversity crosses your path. How do you give then?

Wim de Bundel tells about this when you ask him what happened on the fifteenth floor that cold January day in 2020.

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Building a Winning Customer-Centric Culture

Building a Winning Customer-Centric Culture is an inspiration session for all employees!

Are you looking for a speaker who really knows what it's like to build a customer-centric culture and provides much-needed inspiration?

Wim de Bundel takes you on an optimistic journey to gold and happiness. Full of (life) lessons and concrete anecdotes from my twelve years of experience as Director of Marketing & Sales. How you can create a cool and winning culture based on Olympic & Paralympic tips. Based on the themes that play a role for you, we make it an unforgettable and tailor-made session. He is already looking forward to it!

The Power of Giving

Wim de Bundel connects his lessons in this inspiring and motivating lecture. He shares his insights, initiatives and sources of inspiration and takes his audience on an eventful and optimistic journey.
How you can create a cool and winning culture based on Olympic & Paralympic tips.

Some topics as example:

  • Building a customer-centric culture.
  • How can you learn from setbacks?
  • Which lessons from top sport can you implement?

A lecture or workshop by Wim is always tailor-made. Thanks to his years of experience, he can process your specific challenges in his session, such as additional themes such as sustainability, achieving goals and sports marketing.

A Masterclass for (New) Leadership

A Masterclass for (New) Leadership

Are you and your executive team or management team already at the top of your market and do you want to stay there? Or do you want to go to the top?

Wim de Bundel would like to share with you during this masterclass about how you can make a difference based on a customer-oriented culture. He lets you experience that with the Power of Giving you can make your organization successful in the coming years.

A Masterclass for [New] Marketing and Sales people

A Masterclass for [New] Marketing and Sales people

How can Marketing and Sales be successful together in your organization? Make sure they are the eyes and ears of the company and make a significant contribution to the future of a customer-centric company?

Wim de Bundel is happy to help you in this masterclass; He draws on all the ins and outs of my twelve years of experience.