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Suzan Kuijsten

Suzan Kuijsten

One of the leading stress experts in the Netherlands

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Keynote speaker, Breakout session, Master class
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With her refreshing look at stress, Suzan is considered one of the leading stress experts in the Netherlands. She can be found regularly in the press, from BNR, NRC to the Youth News and Edition NL. She is also a columnist for various media, much sought-after keynote speaker and guest lecturer for colleges and universities, including Nyenrode Business University.

She creates high-profile events such as the STRESSTIVAL, the NK Stress and the "Week before the stress". Wrote the stress best seller - Running for your stress and together with CSR director Carolien Hamming she wrote the sequel: Crazy about Stress, but not always.

Stress is her passion. She has never learned and never "wondered" about the sublime solutions our body and mind have found to deal with all possible challenges and threats. She is happy to share her knowledge with professionals through high-profile master classes.


Keynote speaker
Breakout session
Master class


Based on 8 misunderstandings about stress, Suzan gives you a different view of stress - she explains what stress is - how it works - and shows how we secretly love it (and how to stay at it). She sketches the context in which we live and how that context constantly guides your behavior. How all natural moments of rest are hacked and how we keep the pressure high together. How you can direct more often and take better care of yourself. She also shows you that it is not the stress we want to get rid of, but something else.

She will send you full of practical tips back on the road - She will show you how to place BOM-MEN - who is Netflix's biggest competitor and show you dazzling examples of good stress management with others. do: roll up your sleeves and get started!


All studies - whether from Statistics Netherlands or TNO - point in the same direction: stress only gets worse. The World Health Organization (WHO) even speaks of a health epidemic due to stress. However, the focus is wrong here. It is not only an overload of stress that gets us into trouble, but also a shortage of recovery and a lack of focus. We completely exhaust our stress system by pretending it's a phone that rarely needs to be charged. And waste precious brain energy by working inefficiently.


By - just like a top athlete - making smarter use of our stress system, stress becomes functional again. Which means: more energy, a better focus, more job satisfaction, a lower workload and less psychological absenteeism. That is why we do not help people from stress, but rather make them better. In a healthy way!