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Guido Weijers

Guido Weijers

"Successful people are not happier, but happy people are more successful ... Weijers takes us into his new definition of happiness."

Energy, Climate & Environment, Health, Food & Welfare
Mental coach | Spiritual speaker, Entertainer | Actor | Imitator
Master class
The Netherlands


Forget all self-help books about happiness. Say goodbye to self-proclaimed lucky gurus. Stop mindfulness, yoga or meditation! Guido stays far away from floating things and highlights the scientific side of happiness. What is happiness in concrete terms? What makes us happier? Weijers attended Masterclasses on "happiness" at Erasmus University, talked about this subject at TEDx and did research on gross national happiness in Bhutan.
Challenging quotes, strong anecdotes and short stories come by and show what makes us happy and how we can influence our happiness. Answers to questions. We do not promise a "cabaret". We do, however, guarantee that you will go home with more insight and happiness than you have come.

In 2000 Guido won the audience award at the Netherlands' largest cabaret festival "Cameretten" and toured the country with 6 regular theater performances. Weijers produced and played nine times between 2006 and 2018 "The New Year's Eve Conference".
His shows were shown on both the public broadcaster and on commercial channels.

Guido is a non-conformist and does not eat meat or fish. Everyone can believe what they want and Guido believes in Darwin. Guido philosophizes, photographs, travels, dives, writes and cycles. His Loens4Life foundation has now raised more than 200,000 euros for the Dutch Cancer Society. Guido considers conservation of the earth more important than a growing economy.



Master class


Guido's quotes:

"Life is easier than you think, but harder when you think."

"If you want something, you find a solution. If you don't want something, look for an excuse."

"Although traveling costs you your last cent, you always come home richer."

"You are what you eat."

"Crisis? As long as we flush our toilet with clean drinking water, we should all keep our mouths shut."