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Steve Kroeger

Steve Kroeger

Together to the personal summit – reaching high aims with the 7 SUMMITS® strategy

Sport, Gezondheid, Voeding & Welzijn
Mental coach | Spirituele spreker, Sporter | Sportcoach, Persoonlijk coach | Trainer
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Global Topspeaker Steve Kroeger takes you on a fascinating journey to the highest summits of the continents. The mental coach inspires and encourages the audience to express and reach lifetime dreams and aims in life. Teamspirit is being arised, teambuilding is enforced and the vitality of each personally is being raised considerably. Only the ones who know what they really want, who are motivated and success-orientated will reach high goals easily.

Steve Kroeger has developed the 7 SUMMITS®Strategy after he decided in 2007 to conquer each summit on all 7 continents in the world. Six successful conquests are behind him and in 2014 he finished his project by having climbed the Mount Everest.

Not only with his speeches Steve Kroeger gives valuable assistance, but also with his regular seminar journeys to the Kilimandjaro in showing analogies in private and business life and the challenges of climbing a mountain. Thanks to his experience he knows that summits can be taken as a metapher of reaching high aims.

Experience Steve Kroeger's extraordinary speeches, accompanied by amazing coloured photos. The personal coach convinces with his positive charisma, 100% authenticity and communicates his experience with ease and humour.

Steve Kroeger is alpinist and author „7 SUMMITS® Strategy – reaching personal summit with serenity“ (Gabal Verlag) is also published in an extended version as an audio book.

In 2012 he was awarded with the Newcomer Award of the German Speaker Association and the Coaching Award 2012 in the category „young speaker“. In 2014 Steve Kroeger was awarded with the BZTB Award of Excellence in further Education.

In 2013 Steve Kroeger has founded the 7 SUMMITS® Strategie Deutschland GmbH with the following business activities: regular trips to the Kilimandjaro, education of the 7 SUMMITS® Strategy Coach.


Keynote spreker


Expedition to the personal summit

Reaching great heights with the 7 SUMMITS® Strategy
Make the most of this extreme mountaineer’s success strategies and reach your personal summit. The motivation expert and vitality and personality coach, the personal trainer and mountaineer knows the tricks that are needed to get to greater heights.

Steve Kroeger is an authentic and extraordinary speaker that will introduce you to a step-by-step process that will allow you to unfold your outright potential and get you to where you want to be. His inspiring talk draws parallels between personal bests at work and the challenges you face when on international expeditions to the highest summits on our planet. Learn how to make fear a competent partner, how to turn setbacks into sources of energy and call upon personal bests in both sport and your job when you need to.

Presentation content:

  • Your personal summit: This is how you identify goals worth fighting for
  • Support team: How to find the right partners for your high-performance career network
  • Decision-making ability as a success factor: How to make important decisions quickly and effectively
  • The best way to encounter fear: This is how you turn fear into sources of energy
  • The best strategy for turning setbacks into personal success
  • Concentrating on the essentials
  • Learn how to call upon your personal best when you need to!
  • After the summit is before the summit: This is how to stay motivated long-term!


Team Spirit - Getting there together

How do you and a group of highly motivated specialists get to the summit together? How do you create a working team spirit under pressure and with a tight time budget? How do you put a management team together that can lead the others to the summit – even throughout hard times?

Mountaineer and extreme athlete Steve Kroeger has been giving workshops for many years. In his workshops, he shows participants how to deal with these kinds of challenges. He knows the pitfalls that teams can face. Steve Kroeger’s workshops take place far away from any business hotel conference room. The motivation coach is a hands-on man and gets down to workshop business on top of Africa’s highest mountain: Mount Kilimanjaro. International companies send their leaders and top managers to Steve Kroeger exactly for this reason. It may unusual, but it is a very effective method that has proven extremely successful.

The experienced Alpinist knows the success factors that are needed for a group of individualists heading to the same summit. One for all and all for one! Mountaineering offers illustrative structures that apply to the economy and to success-oriented management and the set-up of teams and departments. The basic requirement is the clear goal: the summit. In order to get there successfully, there are certain factors that play a role: competence, mutual agreement, team spirit and a knowledge of every individual’s personal abilities that can be utilized within the team.

Ultimately, a summit ascent is like a normal day on the economic horizon: it doesn’t always go according to plan. Then, all that counts is best performance under extreme conditions, summoning of team spirit and remaining a group that works and sticks together throughout despite on-going problems. These exceptional circumstances require communication that leads to split-second decisions, just as within business.

Presentation content:

  • What makes a team successful?
  • What can a management team transfer?
  • How do I put a high performance team together?
  • How to allocate responsibility?
  • How do organize the team for and on the summit?
  • How does a team need to behave in extreme situations?


Succes Factors in times of Change

Time seems to be racing and there is no sign of it slowing down. Once we have reached a summit, there is little time to enjoy the moment. Teams are just as much subjected to on-going change. Fluctuation, new tasks or fusions ask great flexibility of companies, organisations and every single one of us.

Motivational speaker Steve Kroeger knows of these factors and of their side effects: he has vivid recollections of both. As a mountaineer and having climbed some of the highest summits in the world, Steve Kroeger knows that even the best plan can fizzle out in the blink of an eye if the weather turns, the equipment fails or people do something unexpected. These adjustments and changes were often minor, for example, route changes. But then, there were life and death situations – situations that leave their mark and enrich your wealth of experience.

The economy is privy to these ever-changing circumstances. Diversity Management implies diversification and the challenges that go with diversification, for example, diversity in team constellations. If a company strives to stay at the top, it requires constant adaptation and a willingness to learn. This includes taking market changes and political conditions into consideration, too. Plans are put to the test every day and sometimes require complete or partial corrective measures. This calls for great flexibility from everyone involved.

Keynote speaker Steve Kroeger understands the art of comparing extreme sports to economic management processes. He uses practical examples to illustrate how important inner readiness is when we intend on learning from others. He has learnt how to stay focussed even when things have changed around him, and he has come to understand the importance of reflecting ones strengths. Speed is sometimes of the essence, particularly when it comes to avoiding a fall and sticking to a goal no matter how turbulent things become.


  • What are the best strategies as we make our way to our goal?
  • How can I keep my team and myself on track?
  • How can I continue to motivate myself and build upon on my flexibility when I am subjected to fast changes?
  • Learning from others: Why do some teams make it to the summit while others don’t?
  • How can I go easy on my resources and still deliver a top performance when it is needed?


Making the right decisions when under pressure

Everyday professional life is like climbing a mountain. It’s when you are at a great height that personal bests are needed there and then. It’s about making the right decisions when under pressure. It’s just like mountaineering: wrong decisions high up can have fatal consequences. The same goes for everyday professional life.

How do mountaineers manage to make the right decisions under extreme conditions and time pressure? What can we learn from them that can be transferred to our own working habits?

Allow Steve Kroeger to introduce you to dealing with pressure, making decisions under pressure and waking the potential in you with this authentic and extraordinary talk: 7 SUMMITS® Intuition.

When we step foot on new ground, we need more than just logical thinking!

Presentation content:

  • What is intuition and when can we trust it?
  • How to connect excellent thinking with excellent feeling?
  • This is how you learn to act quickly after a short decision-making process.
  • Relieving the strain, gaining confidence and avoiding mistakes.
  • Taking on responsibility for yourself and others.
  • The best strategies as you head towards the summit.