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Simone de Haas

Simone de Haas

Creating human-centred connections and new paradigms for exceptional leadership.

Personal development, Communicatie, Leiderschap
Keynote speaker
Keynote spreker, Workshops, Masterclass
Leading with Vulnerability, The Spirit of Feminine Leadership, The Future is Exceptionality™, The Brilliance of Chaos, Voice of a Leader
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  • 2018
  • Designed & Facilitated Voice of a Leader – Leadership Communication Workshops & Mentoring Program for Women in Regional & Rural Councils (2018-2019 stage 1&2) Supporting women in traditionally male-dominant environments to speak with authority to engage and influence internal and external stakeholders. Stage 3 to be implemented in 2020.
  • 2018
  • Design & delivery of Simply Speaking program: Communication skills for every day leaders in Australia & USA. (2018-2019)
  • 2013
  • Design and delivery of a 12-month Leadership workshop/webinar program for adult learners in Vocational Education & Training sector (2013-2016)
  • 2012
  • Winning Gold Matilda Award for her contribution to independent theatre in Direction, Design & Performing
  • 1994
  • Artistic Director & Founder of her own theatre company (with her husband) which they ran successfully for 22 years (1994-2016)


An international speaker, CEO and Director of 'The Speakers' Director', an Artistic Director with her own professional theatre company, a multi-award winning Producer, Director and Actor, Simone de Haas has directed major musicals including Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, CATS, and Sound of Music. Simone de Haas speaks internationally on Leading with Vulnerability, The Spirit of Feminine Leadership, Exceptionality™, Stagecraft & Storytelling.

Drawing on 30+ years of leading diversely talented groups Simone brings intriguing, ground-breaking perspectives and possibilities to organisations who seek to become dynamically future-active.

Simone is a masterful communicator, and a highly sought-after inspirational and insightful coach and mentor. Her unique and diverse portfolio of work creates a strong platform for developing transformational leaders and building exceptional organisations.

Her client base includes organisations in Finance, Resources, Super Funds, Real Estate, Regional Government, Business Associations, Network Marketing, Creative Industries, Regional and Rural Business Development, SMEs, as well as individual C-Suite Executives and Professional Speakers.

Simone's creative capacities move effortlessly and pragmatically between stage and boardroom. Whether she is singing, directing, telling quirky leadership stories or displaying the power of creative leadership, her presence brings extraordinary insights into the new world that is evolving.

Simone has worked as a Lecturer at Griffith University (Qld Conservatorium) and Queensland University of Technology in Acting for Musical Theatre and Performance Studies, and as Guest Director for the Opera Studio at the University of Southern Queensland.

As a leader, Simone is living proof that you don’t have to be under 30 to effectively lead the new generations. However, you do have to be operating from your Iconic Brilliance™ if you want them to listen to you! Simone’s warmth and vulnerability opens the curtains on your authentic leadership voice. Will you embrace it as the superpower it is?

Intuitive, inspirational, and interactive, Simone is available for keynote presentations, corporate workshops, executive coaching & consultancy, media appearances and podcast interviews.


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“Simone is an outstanding speaker on leadership, communications and corporate storytelling. Her presentations to the CEO Institute Groups of Senior CEOs on Leadership Insights have been powerful, insightful, entertaining and highly engaging.” Ray Weeks, Chairman CEO Institute Qld.

“We were looking for top-class speakers that share from the heart. I’ve known Simone now for quite a few years and she always over-delivers and it’s right from the heart.”
Elias Kanaris, President, Global Speakers Federation.

‘We were thrilled to be in the room today with our presenter, Simone de Haas. Our region covers an area of 10,000 square kms so it’s a big effort to get people together in a room for a workshop such as this. The vibe in the room was quite special. The whole room was buzzing, full of engagement, lots of conversation. What I love about Simone, and Simone’s presentation, and why we are so lucky to have her here today, is that she is so engaged in the conversation. It’s not your typical workshop with powerpoint slides that you have to get through. Simone feeds off the energy in the room throughout – so it’s this ongoing, facilitated conversation that draws out the people in the room. And it’s fun – really great fun! Would highly recommend Simone.”
Kristy Frahm, CEO, Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation (BIEDO)


“Simone de Haas is an exceptional and inspiring speaker who, in a very short fifteen minutes of our corporate ‘TedTalks’ style event was able to invigorate and excite the audience. Simone’s job was to move the audience and to enable them to ask some very deep questions. As the organiser of the event, what I saw was a speaker who delivered well beyond brief and an audience captivated from beginning to end.” Nataly Kab, Counsel, MetLife

“Simone is inspirational! She took a room of business people who were unsure, skeptical and hesitant to believe that we could learn from an “artistic type”, and completely transformed the audience to understand how we could immediately add value to our businesses, and those of our clients. Simone connected with all of us at a level much higher than we expected and helped us understand how creativity and innovation can lead to inspirational business outcomes and long-lasting business relationships.” Connecting Rural Business Women’s Conference 2015


Leading with Vulnerability

Leadership in the age of empathy requires embracing a multifaceted and dynamic approach. Organisations now look to develop leaders who are willing to show up as themselves, tell the truth, take risks and challenge assumptions. In other words, leaders who are comfortable with vulnerability. Simone offers strategies and actionable techniques that demonstrate ways in which leaders can step out of their comfort zone, role model vulnerability and create a safe and positive culture of trust, courage and empathy.

The Spirit of Feminine Leadership

Simone challenges the perception that Feminine Leadership is only about and for women, and introduces a multifaceted exploration of the leadership qualities such as collaboration, connection and empathy, that ALL leaders need to embrace as we step into the age of the Transformative Leader.


The Future is Exceptionality™

The pretence of perfection is one of the biggest challenges in organisational culture and talent management and
can have a negative impact on productivity, employee engagement, efficiency, and more. As work functions become more complex, leaders need to embrace the challenge of becoming more like Theatre Directors or Conductors steering their teams toward a common goal, whilst retaining the exceptionality of the individual. Leaders have the power to lead a new story of inclusivity and exceptionality in the world.


The Brilliance of Chaos

creativity at the leading edge
An organisation in chaos has the potential for accelerated growth - if they are willing to uncover and work with what the chaos illuminates. Organisations that understand the relationship between chaos, creativity, innovation and performance, are able to actively promote creativity in their employees and create differentiation and success in the marketplace.

Voice of a Leader

Harness the power of assertive and effective communication to influence and engage as a female leader. Many women struggle to be heard when they are the only woman in the room. Simone shares strategies for eliminating unconscious bias, and identifies how to champion the inclusion agenda within your sphere of influence to impact an inclusive culture.