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Sharon Green

Sharon Green

I want to change the world of work for good by creating a new model for companies to operate in.

Keynote speaker, Persoonlijk coach | Trainer
Keynote spreker, Masterclass
Freedom to fail is key to success!, The Human Workplace Manifesto!
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  • 2017
  • Working with OPEC in Vienna
  • 2016
  • Speaking at the Radio Days Europe Conference in Europe
  • 2012
  • Creating a team culture based on inclusion and freedom to fail whilst at the Guardian Media Group and seeing the company succeed during a takeover
  • 2012
  • Best Advertising campaign, Arqiva Awards


After almost 8 years of “accidentally training” people I was asked to develop an Induction course and a Senior Sales Academy for the company. This became a more formalised affair and The Masterclass Academy was born and introduced to the business as a formal training offering.!
It covered areas such as, strategic selling, the new media landscape and communication! strategies. In it’s first year it won awards at National Broadcasting Training Awards. I believe this programme is still alive an thriving in the company today. !

In 2008 I was approached by the Guardian Media to work as Head of Commercial and Management Development where I spent 5 years. !

I created a full operational Sales training programme, alongside a three tier Management & Leadership development process. !

I was also leading creativity, performance coaching, career coaching and employee engagement intiatives.!

It was during this time that I recognised the attitude of middle management could drive or hinder personal and professional development for an employee. !

I then decided to introduce a coaching culture that would drive the business forward. I was aware that micro management of teams prohibited potential and performance and set out a plan to change it. !
During a takeover and hold separate period the business rose from number 3 position to number 1.! Solely down to the talent, energy and engagement of the people there and the coaching culture we had created!


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Sharon has a fantastic energy which she uses to inspire her audience with. After her coaching sessions my team members are inspired and filled by energy to go out and make success. Sharon is also great with finding, developing and emphasising strengths and knowledge you didn´t know that you posess. The combination of great leadership knowledge and management tools make a fantastic combination which is very rare to find.
Erik Beckman, Head of Analytics and Research (Radio) at Nordic Entertainment Group | Sales Director Sweden at Horse

Sharon Green - apart from being a truly inspirational and electrifying personality - managed our session on corporate culture with a remarkable blend of experience, volley-play and panache. Having worked as a management consultant myself, I am humbled by the performance of Ms. Green.
Björn Druse, Financial Controller at We Effect

Sharon change the face of the culture and inspired our teams.
Jo Harvery Morley, Business Director


Freedom to fail is key to success!

Why it’s crucial for companies to fail if they are to grow quickly.

The Human Workplace Manifesto!

Why it’s time to rip up the rule book and create a new operating system for the world of work.