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Randall Birnberg

Randall Birnberg


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Expert | Thought leader, Bedrijfscoach | Trainer
Keynote spreker, Coach / Trainer
Positive Minimalism, Positive Self-management, Positive Selling, Positive Intercultural Communication, It’s Your Choice
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Are you a healthy corporate environment? Are you able to ask what you need from emplyees or co-workers without criticizing? Is your staff engaged and present… really present at work?

A positive coporate environment is described as an environment where employees and management have the freedom to live and grow…one that is supportive, motivating and enriching. This means throughout the whole company. His keynotes are designed to motivate and captivate the audience. Using real life examples and interactive techniques, the audience experiences lively and memorable moments that leave lasting impressions and provocative insights for many days to follow. Your staff will be asking for more as his keynotes stimulate both the mind and body……learning all along that Happiness is actaully a choice, theirs!

Everyone has a story to tell. In each and every story, we’ve learned something that prepares us for the days ahead. We have all had an amazing life with unique expieriences and fantastic adventures. Looking back, we can choose to see our life as years of learning, successes and growth or times filled with failures and bad relationships, Happiness is a choice, yours!


Keynote spreker
Coach / Trainer


His full name is Randall James Joseph Birnberg; He was born and raised in Chicago. During his childhood, his family owned a drugstore and an Italian restaurant. He started working in the business at an early age and loved pleasing people. This early experience, he has discovered, is the reason for his business and service oriented strengths.

In 1999, he moved to Aachen and started his own company coaching and training businessmen and women in the area of business communications. Since English is his native language, companies also benefited from the additional English training his coaching provided. He has trained Emotional Intelligence to CEOs, customer service skills to sales teams as well as presentation and negotiating skills to upper management.

Most recently, he has concentrated his efforts on lectures and seminars in the relatively new field of Positive Psychology. Companies are discovering that a healthy atmosphere around the office means happy employees and happy employees means more production and a host of other benefits. Common sense, right? Well now science backs this up. With this, he has found my true calling in helping companies and individuals flourish.


Positive Minimalism

- Value simple priorities
- Less stuff - less worries
- Learn to appreciate and stop social comparisons

Positive Self-management

- Know your strengths and use them to flourish
- Discover your life's purpose both professionally and privately
- Learn ways to gain a healty mind and body

Positive Selling

- Small talk big talk
- A ''growth'' mindset leads to succesful results
- Win/win sales results expand your customer base

Positive Intercultural Communication

- Personal growth through increased cultural tolerance
- See diversity as an advantage
- Embrace different cultural strengths 

It’s Your Choice

- Compassion and wellbeing on the job
- Mindfulness and self-perception
- Learn to think without judgement