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Jesper Ek

Jesper Ek

Nothing starts with results, everything starts with people

Leiderschap, Management & Leiderschap
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When Jesper Ek became Head of Diabetes Care at Roche Diagnostics in the Nordics the future for the company was looking bleak. Sales were down. Profits were plummeting. And the team spirit was at an all-time low. Five years later the same team had the highest engagement of the whole copany and the operating profit was +234% higher than what was expected when he took over. Yet, the products were the same (no new product launches during the period, the prices were the same (or slightly lower) and the people were the same.

Jesper Ek has 20 years of leadership experience and has been twice nominated ”Executive of the year” by the leading Swedish management magazine ”Chef”.

He has a Bachelor in Social Sciences in Marketing and Communications from Uppsala University. His professional career spans over 25 years, mainly within pharmceuticals, biotech and medtech, where he has gained an extensive expertise in new product launches and team motivation.


Keynote spreker
Dagvoorzitter/ Presentator



  • People First Leadership. How to create engagement and energy in your teams
  • Selling is not about producs. Selling is communication.
  • Creating a company culture starts with you knowing for whom you exists and why.