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Igor Beuker

Igor Beuker


Customer connection, Branding, Leiderschap, Management & Leiderschap, Marketing & Sales
Trendwatcher, Expert | Thought leader, Visionair | Innovator
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In the space of 25 years, Igor Beuker was kicked out of professional football and went from a college dropout to a radical marketing visionary and modern-day serial entrepreneur. He has become one of the prominent speakers in the international business speaking circuit.

And he hasn't slowed down since.
Today, Igor is an energetic professional communicator with a stunning track record as keynote speaker, award-winning marketing strategist for global brands like Nike, Amazon, L’Oréal and Unilever, new-breed trendwatcher for Fortune 500s, and serial entrepreneur with multiple exits.

Advertising may win quarters, innovation wins decades. It’s been his claim for 25 years.
Global business leaders and media have labeled him one of Europe’s most inspiring, innovative and influential marketing speakers and entrepreneurs.
Igor Beuker is now a household name.

Like to know more about his past, present and future career? His personality and purpose?

Igor is an energetic professional communicator with a proven track record as keynote speaker and host. He has inspired more than 4 million people from over 100 countries.
Countless television and radio shows, newspapers and business magazines have featured Igor’s independent expert voice on emerging trends in marketing, media, and innovation.
After 1,000+ international talks for leading brands and events, he jumped from the podium to the television screen. He still speaks 150 times per year. Never the same talk twice.

At conferences and on Twitter, he is frequently a trending topic as Math Man in a world of Mad Men. Audiences tweet about his authentic, bold, charismatic and witty personality.

For most of his life, Igor has been a strategic growth entrepreneur who helps brands to coin trends, outperform industries, conquer markets and realize double-digit growth.
In 25 years’ experience at C-level, Igor advised more than 100 brands, including as an award-winning marketing strategist for global brands like Nike, Amazon, L’Oréal and Unilever. As new-breed trendwatcher he drives trend-driven innovation programs for Fortune 500s.
His radical strategies as CMO (10 years) were backed by a multi-billion-dollar corporate track record. Next, as an entrepreneur, he founded three multi-million-dollar marketing firms from scratch, which leading global media network WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY) acquired for double digits.

As global Chief Strategy Officer for WPP, Igor’s radical Math Man vision and bold forward-thinking transformed many established brands that required next-level change and reinvention.
Besides being a guest teacher at leading universities, he delivers a series of game-changing marketing master classes and he is a board member at revolutionary retail, tech and media firms.

Igor co-founded IAB Netherlands in 1997 and he held the Chairman role for more than five years. He was also selected as jury member at the prestigious 
Cannes Lions and Webby Awards.


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What really sets Igor apart in a world of many great speakers and best-selling authors?
Igor doesn’t just see, talk or write about trends, he coins them. First his Math Man lens made and saved brands billions, next it made him millions in exits.
Beyond his radical vision and sixth sense for digital trends, his entrepreneurial track record stands out. One of the main reasons why so many audiences respect his relatable and reliable voice.
What sets Igor apart in a world of full of funky trendwatchers and corporate consultancy firms?
Unlike them, Igor doesn’t rely on backward-looking market research, paid panels and polls. It gave us blind spots, like Brexit and Trump. Or Kodak and Nokia.

Beyond his skills to monetize trends, his proprietary trend forecasting methodology differentiates and disrupts. 
That’s why media and business leaders labeled him a ‘new-breed trendwatcher’.

Unlike many ‘walking advertorials’, television and radio shows, newspapers and business magazines like to feature his independent, bold voice. Independence is the most courageous, and most reliable.

More important than his track record is the story that he represents. Igor doesn’t just know about transformation and reinvention because he has studied it. He has lived it.
“A winner is a dreamer who never quits”. Igor proudly inherited that one from his grandparents, who raised him. They threw him their lifeline when he fell into the gutter.
Later in life, doctors diagnosed him with cancer and gave him only one year to live. Remarkably, Igor survived and fought back. Rock bottom and reinvention became the solid foundation he built his life upon.
It made Igor a humble and honest man. Audiences feel his unparalleled authenticity, and that might well be the reason why people connect to his approachable and reliable voice.

The stories of Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai - the courageous young girl who took a bullet in the brain for the right to be educated – inspired Igor to embrace education.
As a philanthropist, he shares 20% of his profits and exits with foundations that enhance education.
Igor’s purpose is to inspire the idea that people can use technology to be a great force of good. Through technology, we can cure diseases and save the environment. Expedite education and exchange knowledge. Create equal opportunities for everyone on Earth. Igor’s dream is to make science fiction a reality.

His life is mostly all about planes, trains and automobiles. Igor might be up in the air for 12 hours (yes WiFi-less), in the chair of a make-up artist, in some fusty recording studio or on stage all day.
A public speaker like him must struggle to be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.