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Hein Wagner

Hein Wagner

Hein Wagner is the Blind Man with Vision. Een van de meest inspirerende mensen op deze planeet. Hij is een geweldige spreker en verhalenverteller die mensen inspireert om enorme obstakels om te zetten in grote kansen, want dat is precies wat hij deed met zijn blindheid.

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Inspire people to turn huge obstacles in to major opportunities, Disrupting Diversity, Cyber Security
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Hein Wagner is one of the most inspirational human beings on this planet. He is an extreme adventurer, a motivational speaker and most amazing international keynote speaker. His story is an experience for any type of audience. His purpose in life is to inspire people to turn huge obstacles in to major opportunities as that is exactly what I did with my blindness. Born in Cape Town, South Africa but living now in Göteborg, Sweden.

Hein Wagner is also the founder of the Hein Wagner Academy. The Hein Wagner Academy specialises in the post-grade 12 training of blind and visually impaired persons to become cyber security analysts, and is based in Worcester, South Africa.

Land Speed Record and other amazing accomplishments
Hein Wagner has been blind since birth... Despite this Hein Wagner has many accomplishments to his name. He has completed the Absa Cape Epic, ran the Antarctica Marathon, the Two Oceans and New York Marathons, completed full Ironman, completed the Cape to Rio Yacht Race, holds the World Blind Land Speed Record at 322.52 km/h, and recently received a golden key from the university of Stellenbosch for his ongoing efforts towards social upliftment.

Hein Wagner as an amazing keynote and motivational speaker
Hein Wagner is a most inspirational keynote speaker. Hein is the living proof that despite the challenges that come our way, anything is possible. He does not allow his blindness to stand in the way of his dreams and people often refer to him as the blind man with exceptional vision.”
He has been working as a full-time international keynote motivational speaker the world for many years and his audiences vary from small executive leadership groups of 10 - 40 people all the way up to 15 000 people at global kick-off events for top international brands. His success as a speaker comes down to his authenticity and his story telling approach based on his own experiences. His purpose in life is to inspire people to turn huge obstacles in to major opportunities as that is exactly what he did with his blindness.


Keynote speaker


Speakers like Hein Wagner should be in any program because they really make a difference in the life of people.

This presentation is loaded with humor and takes the audience on a moving journey of Hein’s view on the world he lives in. He shares   some of his light and   dark moments as well as his personal recipe to achieve extraordinary  results.

HIS KEYNOTE A Blind man with Vision

  • Inspire and motivate your audience to achieve what they perceive to be the impossible.
  • Create a deeper sense of appreciation.
  • Demonstrate  how to turn huge obstacles into major opportunities.
  • Help to remove the concept of giving up from their frame of reference.
  • Demonstrate the endless possibilities by using their five senses.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of having vision as oppose to sight

Hein Wagner is best known for helping companies and individuals turn huge obstacles in to major opportunities and my unique story telling approach make people feel all the emotions on the spectrum. Heuses real life stories from his own experiences to demonstrate that the impossible is actually possible.


Hein Wagner spoke at our international Leadership Conference and his life story is truly impressive. He invested ample time in aligning his presentation with our goals for the meeting and touched all of us with his powerful lessons learned, his drive, his energy and his great sense of humour. The guided run with Hein in the early morning on the day of his presentation, is one I will never forget. It is always hard to find a motivational speaker that appeals to a global audience, but Hein had us all hanging on his every word.
Carlo van Kemenade
CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of DLL

January 2023:
Seldom have we had to contend with so many variables and so many unknowns as part of our day-to-day. I came across Hein Wagner’s website in my search for tools to help our team navigate these challenging times. His story is remarkable on many levels but more importantly his ability to connect with the audience and his ability to connect the audience to his story makes a lasting impact. Hein weaves humour seamlessly into his life-lessons and we are all better for having him part of our National Sales Meeting. 
Ivo Notargiacomo
National Sales Manager – Abbott Canada

Hi Hein,
Thank you again for visiting us yesterday and sharing your inspiring story with us.
I received a lot of positive feedback this morning! From our BNLX leadership team:
- “What a great speaker yesterday, with a beautiful story. You could hear a pin drop during his presentation, everyone was listening so intently. Great that Hein could be at our event.” – Head of Marketing and Professional Affairs
- “The lecture was very good, I received a lot of positive feedback from the sales force.” – Head of Sales
- “It was presented with a lot of good humor and I took away a lot of action points to continue the inspiration.” – Director
Gabriëlle van Veen
Sr. HR Manager DACH & BNLX CooperVision Nederland B.V

I have attended some dozens of virtual events over the past years but last week, right after your session, it was the first time I experienced participants standing up and giving a round of applause to the speaker in a virtual event.
I am extremely thankful for you gifting us, 200+ colleagues from 20+ countries, with inspiration to turn obstacles into opportunities.
Andreia Fagundes
SAP Global

Some examples that he will be focusing on during my keynote are:

How he taught himself as a 5 year old blind kid to ride a bicycle by listening to the reflection of its sound in order to be excepted by the sighted kids who lived in his street. How he went on to complete the hardest and longest multistage mountain bike race on the planet.

From being rejected after applying for more than 100 jobs in IT because no one believed that a blind person can work in IT to becoming the brand ambassador for one of the worlds largest and most successful IT companies  on the planet (SAP)

From admiring his dads car as a 9 year old kid knowing that I’ll never be able to drive one to becoming the fastest blind man on 4 wheels at 322.52 km/h braking the world blind land speed record.

From not being able to run 2  kilometers in one go  to completing full Ironman that includes a 3.8 kilometer open water swim, a 180 kilometer cycle and a full 42.2 marathon all in one go.

From being blind to be blinded by possibilities and  how he turned his biggest obstacle in to the greatest opportunity he could ever imagine 



Inspire people to turn huge obstacles in to major opportunities
Disrupting Diversity
Cyber Security