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Gert Olefs

Gert Olefs

Wereldvrede met een “opleveringsdatum"

Business & Management, Energie, Klimaat & Milieu
Expert | Thought leader, Leidinggevende | Ondernemer
Keynote spreker, Coach / Trainer
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Gert Olefs was born and raised in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and of the European Union. He grew up in the shadows of the European Institutions there.

War and peace have fascinated him since his early boyhood. After obtaining a Masters' degree in Bioscience Engineering in 1984 and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration he started a 20 year corporate career. He traveled to all continents of the world and lived in Asia and the Middle-East from 1990 - 2003. Just before the invasion of Iraq early 2003 he returned to Belgium from Saudi Arabia. He then started his own HR consulting company and became a coach. The next 20 years he will also dedicate himself to help the world achieve World Peace by 2035.


Keynote spreker
Coach / Trainer


Peace is very much like water; underappreciated when available in abundance; desperately wanted when lacking. Peace is the often forgotten foundation and life blood of prosperous societies, vibrant economies and countless flourishing enterprises.

World Peace, however, still remains an elusive status for humanity; worse, it is not even a stated objective. And yet, we absolutely need global peace to solve the other fundamental and borderless challenges that are rapidly closing in on human civilization.

World Peace 2035 boldly states the goal of achieving World Peace by 2035. Imagine a world with 10 billion sustainable consumers! Besides the humane victory of such world, its economic opportunity is beyond any seen in history. At WP2035 we therefore consider the business world as a crucial partner in building this peaceful and sustainable future.

Participating in this historic endeavour carries many benefits both for individuals and companies alike. One must learn to muster sufficient courage to overcome fear as well as self-limiting beliefs and boldly step outside of commonly held existing boundaries. One must learn to innovate and move forward before having all the answers. Contributing to World Peace represents an opportunity for continual improvement. It will grow your capacities for constructive cooperation with others even in difficult situations. Lastly, the journey towards World Peace will help you discover your own deep purpose, unleashing unknown levels of passion, drive and persistence. Few if any activities in life will bring you more profound meaning and enjoyment than building a peaceful and sustainable future for yourselves, your loved ones and for all future generations.