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Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades


Management & Leiderschap, Wetenschap & Onderwijs, Economie & Financien, Communicatie & IT, Gezondheid, Voeding & Welzijn
Expert | Thought leader, Leidinggevende | Ondernemer, Bedrijfscoach | Trainer, Mental coach | Spirituele spreker, Visionair | Innovator
Keynote spreker, Expert, Masterclass
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Eric Edmeades is a serial entrepreneur and international business speaker, author. He was the host of a number of highly effective and transformational seminars, workshops and retreats around the world. His general philosophy is that life is important. And that we are meant to enjoy our short time here. With that in mind, he is now dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world to both inspire and empower them to achieve their full potential and to create truly exceptional lives for themselves, their families and their employees.


Keynote spreker


Serial Entrepreneurship

A true serial entrepreneur, Eric has spent the last 20 years starting, buying, selling and turning around businesses in 6 countries. Eric owns or has owned businesses in data capture, field service, wireless networking, events management, high fidelity medical simulation and Hollywood special effects where his companies worked on blockbuster movies including James Cameron’s ground-breaking Avatar, Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium and films in the Iron ManTransformers and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises.

Strategic Advisor and Keynote Speaker

Eric has logged over 10,000 hours on stage and spoken in over 20 countries around the world. Eric routinely speaks at business, marketing and technology conferences, film festivals, corporate engagements and does pro-bono talks and consulting for not-for profit organizations and schools.

Extraordinary Living

Eric is widely regarded as one of the most effective business and personal mentors in the world. His life is a reflection of the results he creates for others. A long-time student of extraordinary living, Eric is extremely good at both inspiring and empowering people to live compelling, enjoyable and rewarding lives.

Champion of Health and Self Care

Eric is one of the true pioneers of the coming food revolution. The founder of WildFit, Eric is passionate about helping people, and in particular, children, achieve and experience outstanding health.
In 1991 Eric experienced a dramatic health recovery and then undertook years of research into the fields of human health, evolutionary biology and human history. Today, Eric is extremely passionate about helping people achieve vibrant health and inspiring people to take responsibility for their own self care.