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Doug Stevenson

Doug Stevenson

The Creator of The Story Theater Method and a Master Storyteller and Storytelling.

Branding, Marketing & Sales
Expert | Thought leader, Entertainer | Acteur | Imitator, Persoonlijk coach | Trainer
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Doug Stevenson is the creator of The Story Theater Method and a master storyteller and storytelling. He is a business speaker, trainer, and coach. He is the CEO of Story Theater International. Doug specializes in the strategic use of storytelling to influence, inspire and sell a product or service. Using story as a strategy, Doug has helped tens of thousands of business professionals and hundreds of companies and associations to identify their unique storytelling proposition.

Doug' Stevenson's clients include: 
Google, NBC, Oracle, ConAgra, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, The American Medical Association, Lilly, Lockheed Martin, The National Education Association, Aetna, The Department of Defense, Galp, Outsystems, State Farm Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Deloitte, Pfizer, Red Bull, Caterpillar, Wells Fargo, US Bank and hundreds more.


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As actor
Doug Stevenson was a professional actor in Chicago, Hollywood and Denver for over 20 years, and acted on stage in everything from Snoopy to Shakespeare to Grease. In his first movie, he was karate chopped bij Chuck Norris, and in his last, he portrayed a "bad guy"  on a Perry Mason Movie of the week. 

As speaker
In 1985, Doug relocated to Colorado Springs and became a Realtor with his own brokerage, Sherlock’s Homes. From speaking at real estate networking events, he transitioned into a professional speaking career that has now taken him all over the US and to 16 other countries on 4 continents.