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Dima Ghawi

Dima Ghawi


Business & Management, Cultuur, Muziek & Maatschappij
Expert | Thought leader, Leidinggevende | Ondernemer, Bedrijfscoach | Trainer
Keynote spreker, Coach / Trainer, Workshops
How to Future-Proof Your Company: Engaging Gen Y to Z, Dare to Thrive: Own Your Financial Future, Leadership starts from within, Shatter limitations and rise in leadership
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Dima ignites the untapped potential in women across the globe, empowering them to shatter limitations and become courageous, purpose driven leaders. Her own journey is one of escaping confinement, crossing continents, and transforming her life’s purpose. Harnessing the power of her story, Dima is committed to inspiring women to attain personal and professional growth, while simultaneously helping organizations increase diversity within their leadership ranks.

Through keynote speeches, workshops, executive coaching, and her online global community, Dima shares her unique leadership journey with one goal in mind: motivate and activate those around her to reimagine their potential and grow into leaders.

Dima draws from two decades of corporate experience leading global teams and developing future leaders worldwide. She has worked across the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa for several Fortune 100 companies including IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Intuit. She has honed a keen expertise in developing leaders to meet the demands of the global workforce.

In addition to her global empowerment work, Dima serves on numerous nonprofit boards. She has been recognized for her services with the 2014 President of the United States Bronze Volunteer Service Award, the 2014 Baton Rouge Business Report’s “Forty Under 40” Award, and the 2016 Louisiana State University “Esprit de Femme Award.” She has been featured in numerous publications for her professional and philanthropic work.


Keynote spreker
Coach / Trainer


Each of Dima's keynotes are inspiring, wisdom filled, deeply emotional, and offer thought-provoking messages of courage, self-leadership, self-worth, confidence, curiosity, and the power of choice. These messages, combined with a powerful call to action, aim to drive individual audience members to reflect on their purpose in their organization and to enact positive change. Dima’s keynotes touch on the essence of developing effective leaders, and will leave your team inspired to take bold actions, rise above their limitations, and achieve higher levels of performance.  


How to Future-Proof Your Company: Engaging Gen Y to Z

Millennials have begun a positive disruption in the workplace that will continue in the generations after them, and while many companies have still not adapted their culture to millennials, a whole new generation is ready to enter the workplace.

Dare to Thrive: Own Your Financial Future

Dima focuses this keynote on instilling the courage and confidence and drive that is required for women to own their financial future. 

Leadership starts from within

Dima dares each individual to look deeper into their own internal limitations and equips them with the tools and inspiration it takes to shatter those limitations and emerge as empowered individuals and leaders.  

Shatter limitations and rise in leadership

This keynote recounts the struggles and triumphs of her personal journey with vulnerability and insight that will resonate with each audience member and spark a guiding light for their individual journey of self-discovery and leadership growth.