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Brent Backhouse

Brent Backhouse

Success, Failure, love and loss, and success: Getting on with life and making things happen.

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Starting life in a fortunate scenario I was taught to work hard to get what I wanted. I was taught to focus on the what it takes to get the outcome, not the journey you need to take to get there. I worked as a Garbage man, a labourer, a landscape gardener, among other things. Then studying Civil Engineering and Business created opportunities to advance in life. Lost my dad at a young age and had to go forward alone. Set up several successful international companies and transacted in 24 countries with over 26,000 clients. Value of transactions over $8billion. Reside in Sydney Australia married and 3 kids running an investment company.


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To assist those less fortunate and without the knowledge on how to get ahead and improve their lives. Sharing my experience – good and bad….


Start with Yes then Work out HOW>>>>
Life: How to get through it
Wealth: how to build it, and build it again after you lose it..
Risk: how to take them and manage them
Confidence: What you need to do to be confident and how to push through the hard times