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Bob Pritchard

Bob Pritchard

The business leaders advisor

Business & Management, Economie & Financien
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Bob Pritchard is a leading world authority on the rapid technology change which in the next ten years will disrupt every industry.

In the past ten years we have advanced just 1% of the technology revolution; in the next fifteen years we will advance the next 99% and we will do this with employees that will be more tech savvy, more socially conscious and requiring a significantly different workplace.

It is estimated that in ten years we will be exposed to over 2000 times more information every day than we are receiving today. We have the ‘Internet of Things’ which is already connected to some 22 billion devices and will reach 75 billion by 2020. There are 31 billion internet connected devices – (Morgan Stanley)

Digital and Social Media and new devices have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other,  how we research and employ customer service and how we conduct our marketing and advertising.

These changes will demand extraordinary change in leadership techniques, corporate culture and community citizenship, management, marketing and advertising as well as customer communication and service.

Technology advances and cloud  technology will totally change the competitive landscape.  Think what Apple did to music and what Amazon did to retail. The biggest competition to banks is not other banks, it is Blockchain and Fintech. The biggest threats to the transport industry are the hyper loop, autonomous vehicles, and drones, the biggest threat to manufacturing are 3D printers. What is the biggest threat to your industry?

This is not in the future… all of this is happening now.

This is not only a message that every business on the planet needs to hear and heed, it is a practical application that every business needs to begin implementing with Bob Pritchard’s world class team.


Keynote spreker


Board Member

Vast experience as a board member of both publicly listed and private companies.  Extensive knowledge of regulatory, financial, strategy, strategic alliances, franchising, personnel issues.

Company Director

Chief Executive of four publicly listed companies, managing regulatory compliance, strategies and staff, reporting to stock exchanges and investors.

CEO of several unlisted companies, both SME and start-ups.  Has raised substantial venture capital funds as well as creating effective business models, business and marketing strategies.  Has been involved in negotiating strategic relationships, mergers and acquisitions and franchising.

Business Consultant

Business consultant to companies in the healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, printing, charity, education, shopping mall television, coffee shop franchise and advertising industries.  Addressing a range of issues including strengthening management, solicitation of finance, creating marketing and sales strategies, distribution channels, strategic alliances, through to IPO.





Marketing Director

Winner of "International Marketer of the Year" Award in 1999 among other awards.  Created and implemented successful campaigns for many international corporations including Coca-Cola, Citibank, American Film Institute, American Express, General Motors, Anheuser Busch, Mercedes Benz,  Frito Lay and many more.

Marketing Director for Publishing and Broadcasting Limited ($14 billion conglomerate) with TV, 60 magazines, casino in Las Vegas, Macau and Australia, plus interests in finance, technology, online media.  Marketing department of 50+ people.

Marketing Director at News Limited, global media conglomerate, Formula One Motor Racing among others.

Delivery of significant revenue targets has required implementation of capabilities at the highest levels across strategic planning, corporate/government negotiations, branding, media management and media metrics.


Leader of substantial sales teams across a range of industries globally with oversight of staff recruitment, training and development across capabilities including:  leadership, motivation, recognition and reward program development, teamwork, strategies, communications, market analysis and intelligence research, licensing and distribution

Responsible for 40 person sales team at PBL Limited as well as building successful sales teams in the telecommunications, health care and real estate and sports industries.

Speaking Professional

Has spoken to 1570 companies in 52 countries, including 91 Fortune 500 companies.   Described as dynamic, entertaining, motivating, inspirational with meticulous preparation and planning.