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Alan McSmith

Alan McSmith

''Wilderness"​ is not a place, it's a way of life

Management & Leiderschap, Energie, Klimaat & Milieu
Expert | Thought leader, Leidinggevende | Ondernemer
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South Africa


Wilderness guide, tracker and TEDx speaker Alan McSmith was born to guide. 
For three decades his objective has been consistent: a delight in exploring wild African country
and encouraging a deeper, meaningful connection with nature and people.

He believes that nature helps us to recognize and understand the dark sides of our natures - our shadows.

For hidden away and deeply buried within these gloomy places of our minds lie the seeds of our own insecurities,

our racist tendencies, our intolerances and our mistrusts. In the birth of a new day, we acknowledge these inspiring fresh directions in our lives.

Perhaps this is where the „leadership‟ in „wilderness leadership trails‟ can be identified. Perhaps then true leadership exists once an individual person is able,
through the deeper discovery of self, to combine and adapt this trend to the benefit of the group setting. There is a paradigm shift in the way of thinking from “me” to
“us”, which, with natural flow, provides vision, effectiveness and direction. Within a corporate setting in particular, this growth has massive benefit.
Trails are not about luxury or pretences. They can be raw, and at times, even taxing. But within these simple surrounds lie great truths.

Truths capable of transcending and elevating all walks of life.


Keynote spreker


THE ELEPHANT RUMBLE/wilderness presentation

With countless bush adventures, stories of fascinating people and elephant encounters along the way,
​Alan weaves a tapestry of adventure, exploration, wonder and self-discovery.


With 30 years of safari experience in six African countries, wilderness guide, tracker and TEDx speaker Alan McSmith has a story to tell. Mostly about elephants. Well-known for his intuitive understanding of these amazing animals, he shares insights of mysteriously fascinating ecology and behaviour.

Perhaps the greatest gift nature can offer us, is the one of stillness.

​The presentation is more about sharing the wilderness experience, or the sentiency of elephants. It’s about exploring a deeper meaning of nature … a great simplicity that is able to provide stillness in our lives.

Alan brings these stories to life, proposing that the wild provides a source of inspiration in our lives, regardless of who we are or what we do.

The ecology of leadership suggests that meaningful and sustainable self-discovery comes from within. There is a ancient wisdom in nature that transcends time and place. 
​And like a Bushman tracker studying the trail before him … with the ancestral wisdom of 40 000 years, he knows how to survive in the desert. He may very well be suggesting that in order to determine where we are in the world, to move forward, we may first have to return to this stillness, to go back.

The value of an elephant rumble lies in exploring the gentle authenticity of the wilderness experience.

Its perhaps safe to say that our world is facing severe social, economic, and environmental challenges. Where does a sense of stillness come from?
Within this climate we are all searching for inspiration to effect change in our lives, in one way or another.  But change can be fearful when the outcome may be unknown.

Nature and business

​The value of the wilderness experience and corporate leadership is immense. Business is being fundamentally transformed by both social and ecological forces that can no longer be ignored. In nature change is constant, but in society change is reluctant. What is the most meaningful way to explore this necessary process with the well-being of your herd in mind?