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Vikas Malkani. Worlds nr1 Wisdom Coach.

  • 18 May 2018
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Vikas Malkani uses his proprietary ‘Results Based Wisdom Coaching’ methodology to empower people to enjoy a life of happiness, success, significance and legacy. He has coached Hollywood stars, royalty, millionaires, sports champions, top CEO’s, award-winning entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, psychologists, life coaches, and countless others to maximize their personal and professional success.

Why do people call you the Worlds #1 Wisdom Coach.
I travel all over the world, sharing wisdom. We need to create a life of Happiness, Success, Significance and Legacy. I use my unique method of ‘Results based Wisdom Coaching’, and because my audience, students and clients in different countries benefited tremendously, they started to call me by many different names and titles. World’s #1 Wisdom Coach and the Steve Jobs of Wisdom are 2 titles that have stuck. 
I believe it’s because I make the deepest wisdom very simple and practical, so that every person and every company benefits by applying it.
I have coached Hollywood stars, leading CEO’s, Royalty, Award winning Entrepreneurs and more. Leading companies like Rolls Royce, Siemens Healthcare, Proctor & Gamble and Ore, have benefited from my coaching. That’s the real reason why these titles have been given to me.

How did you gather all this wisdom
Since I was a teenager, I have been a student of wisdom. From when I was 14, I searched out men and women of wisdom and learned everything I could from them. I wanted the secrets to human happiness and success. I wanted to know how every human being can fulfil their own inner potential and give their best to life, and get the best from life too. After an inner illumination at the age of 29, I left my position as a CEO of a multi-million dollar company and started SoulCentre, to share wisdom with the world.
I make wisdom from the east and west extremely simple to understand and very practical to apply. Everyone who uses it, benefits from it. SoulCentre is now recognised as Asia’s Premier Centre for Personal Development. My team and I conduct training and coaching across the world. I have also written many bestselling books of wisdom – on happiness, success, meditation and life skills for children. 
I also give keynote talks at international conferences and recently I was awarded a TOP SPEAKER award at the prestigious Mega Success USA event. 
However, I still continue to remain a student and learn from everyone I can.

What is your mission?
My mission is to spread wisdom across the world. I want to make this planet a wiser, happier and more fulfilled planet. And so I transform as many people as I can with the wisdom I have. 
I always say – ‘Life is like a table, that needs 4 legs to keep it stable! The 4 legs are Happiness, Success, Significance & Legacy’ – Vikas 
That’s what i intend to give to every person and company I work with.

Why should an organization invite you?
A company should invite me to coach and speak because I bring to them ‘Results based Wisdom Coaching’ – my unique model that creates happiness, success, significance and legacy, in the individual and the company.
Teams will benefit and so will the individuals in the teams. When a person is happy, that person performs better. Better performance leads to increased productivity and increased productivity creates higher profitability! Having happier employees is a formula for a higher profit margin! That’s just one of the benefits I can bring into companies.

What is the response of your audience after they have seen you perform
The audience always wants more! After a taste of the wisdom and tools I share, the audience wants to keep learning and keep growing. Normally, they don’t want me to stop, ha ha. They are happy, energized, with a positive mind-set and a confidence that can conquer any problem. Not only do they feel great, they also have a set of tools and strategies by which to overcome any challenge that life may throw at  them.

Think of it this way –
The life we live is like a car we drive.
The mind is the engine of this car
And wisdom is the fuel that works the engine!
You may have a great car and engine but with bad fuel you are only damaging it more and more. Soon the car will break down.
Make sure you put the best fuel in your car, so that you get the best performance!
This is why wisdom is so important!

What is your #  1 tip or advice for our readers.
Your entire life is created by the thoughts you have in your mind.
Your mind can make you or it can break you!
Train your mind well, because when you elevate your thinking, you will elevate your life too.
Wisdom is fuel for your mind. To get your mind to perform better, feed it the best fuel you can.
The better the wisdom, the better the output of the mind, and the more successful and happy your life will become.

My #1 tip for a happy & successful life is this - 
Get Wisdom; Optimize Life - Vikas


More information about Vikas Malkani? If you’re interested in inviting Vikas to elevate your next event, contact us for more details. 


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