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Vince Poscente

Vince Poscente

Thrive in the Age of Speed in a more, faster, now world.

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Vince Poscente is a New York Times bestselling author of seven books and is an in-demand motivational keynote speaker helping audiences overcome obstacles and maintain resiliency. He’s an Olympian and a Hall of Fame Speaker in both Canada and the USA. Over the past decade, Vince has led expeditions in the Himalayas to name mountains after everyday heroes. His FULL SPEED AHEAD and BECOME a LOCAL HERO keynotes deliver energy, humor and practical, take-home tools. He was rated by MPI/eSpeakers as one of the Top Ten Motivational Speaker, and Meetings & Conventions named Vince a "Meeting Planners' Favorite Speaker."


Keynote speaker


To have instant impact and lasting influence. I’m driven by the desire to help others reach their own potential.


Full Speed Ahead (sales or leadership audiences)
A motivational keynote speech based on the international phenomenon, The Ant and the Elephant (endorsed by LeBron James in Sport Illustrated) plus Vince's extraordinary story about reaching the Olympic Games in just four years and skiing at 135 mph (described as he stands on a chair)

  1. Clarity – define your emotional buzz and momentum takes over
  2. Commitment – commitment is a process
  3. Consistency- do what the competition is not willing to do
  4. Confidence – flip the gap between high fear and low confidence
  5. Control – routines are the foundation of peak performance

Become a Local Hero
Franchisees who expertly shift their teams' focus from I to Us will become LOCAL HEROES. Vince Poscente delivers an interactive and transformational session following his own experiences after competing in the Olympic Games. Culminating in leading expeditions in the Himalayas, Vince covers the critical qualities that match the traits of everyday, local heroes - your franchisees.

  1. Compassionate - They have a level of empathy that supersedes ego. Their community wins.
  2. Fearless - Find the way to less fear. Their managers win.
  3. Humble - There is a magnetism to humility. Their team wins.
  4. Selfless - When you focus on others, they will join your efforts. Their customers win.
  5. Persistent - Persistent leaders gather and army of believers. Their business wins.

The Age of Speed (for corporate or association keynotes)
A business keynote speech based on Vince's New York Times bestselling book, The Age of Speed. He inspires audiences to thrive in world of more-faster-now. Vince highlights the leadership essentials of: Alignment (with the emotional buzz), Agility (by doing what the competition is not willing to do) and Aerodynamics (efficiency by eliminating drag).

The solutions to roadblocks for leaders of corporations are explored in this entertaining and thought-provoking message.