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Suzanne Meijroos

Suzanne Meijroos

Together we transform into a sustainable future, Using IQ to become WeQ

Overige: Fascilitator, Keynote speaker, Expert


Suzanne Meijroos, by only looking at her you can see she is different, she will just not fit in one box. Born with some exceptional traits and challenges, It was hard to navigate through wat was considered normal in early life. Dealing with rejection, physical and mental abuse, she had her share of struggles in life. She went off the beaten track,started some intense self study and gained knowledge through every experience, especially the painful ones. She loves to share her stories, findings, strategies and visions and empowers others to find their unique expression.


Overige: Fascilitator
Keynote speaker



Shape your Future >       Reality check & and strategies to consciously shape your own future

Using IQ to WEQ >         Building communities & create projects to supporting a society of WE

Work your Magic >         A different approach to working and utilizing the human capital

Relationshifts >               Positively influencing and enhancing your relationships

Ervaringen en revieuws:

I have watched Suzanne mesmerize larger audiences on several occasions. She is naturally comfortable with public speaking and a very bright light on stage.
If you are considering Suzanne for a position she comes with the highest recommendation from me personally and the Lightworker organization.
Steve Rother - CEO Lightworker USA

Suzanne performed several times for Philips and every time she touches hearts. Her story brings emotion in the room. Her energy and dynamics is highly motivating and infectious. A very interesting and inspiring lady i can strongly recommend.”
Lucille Adriaens
Philips Electronics Netherlands B.V.
Head of HR New Venture Integrations, inmiddels werkzaam bij KennedyFitch- lucille.adriaens@kennedyfitch.com

We instantly connected, her story is so much like my own. She invites you into heartfelt inspiration taking action to create the new out of the rubble of past experience.
Dariush Soudi- CEO Be Unique Group- Dubai
 +971 (04) 380 1057

Suzanne Meijroos is for me a secret ‘weapon’ in the field of keynotes with impact. She has years of experience in bringing large groups into the next level of self-expression, confidence and self-knowledge. I worked with Suzanne several times internationally, and over and over again she was able to stay grounded and true to herself ánd at the same time she stays very flexible, all at service for the audience. I love her sense of humour, ánd wisdom.  If you need a powerful, experienced speaker, I can recommend her warmly! 
Nienke van Bezooijen mentor for Transformational Legacy Makers on world-stages
Mobile phone: +31 (0)650831442

 “I love your story, I love how you impacted the room because they certainly smiled when you spoke. You're a great woman,you're a great storyteller keep doing what you do!” Vanessa MacLean -Speakers Institute for Women UK - speakglobalnow@gmail.com

Suzanne Meijroos heeft bij ons bedrijf een evenement geopend. Een evenement om een aantal  waardes van ons bedrijf duidelijker over de bühne te krijgen naar onze medewerkers en om hen  te enthousiasmeren, motiveren en inspireren. In een periode van snelle veranderingen en grote  verantwoordelijkheden, had Suzanne de schone taak om onze mensen ontvankelijk te krijgen  voor alle boodschappen die we in deze evenementenweek wilde overbrengen.   Suzanne heeft zich bewezen als een zeer inspirerend openbaar spreker. Ze is zeer zeker in  staat om een zaal van 300 mensen stil en op het puntje van hun stoel te krijgen. Door haar  eigen openheid, terwijl ze toch op een podium staat, ontspant haar publiek vrij gemakkelijk en is  het publiek geneigd om veranderingen makkelijker te omarmen. Zeer veel mensen waren  geïnspireerd of zelfs geroerd. Naast een motiverende spreker “gaat het ook nog ècht ergens  over”.  
Joukje de Boer  Communications Unilever R&D Vlaardingen