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Simone Filippini

Simone Filippini

Fm CEO Cordaid. Ambassador. Intern. Advisor. Share(d) Leadership Found. Women & Youth.

Management & Leadership, Economy & Finance, Culture, Music & Society
Expert | Thought leader, Business leader | Entrepeneur, Politician
Keynote speaker, Debate
Languages spoken
English Dutch
Travels from
The Netherlands


* Pro-active, creative, business-like and result/impact-oriented all-round senior leader with extensive international (bilateral, EU and other international organizations) and national experience and an ability to work across functions

* Lived in The Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Indonesia, Macedonia, and the USA

* Proven experience in the areas of politics, cultural and economic diplomacy (business development), Public Affairs

* Strong in strategic and operational positioning of issues and organizations

* Strong nose for the niche

* Proven ability to develop and implement strategies on a broad range of different and complex topics consistently leading to tangible results, both directed at (semi)public and private sectors

* Media and communication strategist with extensive media experience (TV, radio and print interviews and contributions), as well as experienced public speaker and spokesperson; excellent (re)presentation skills

* Charismatic and experienced leader with a warm and enthusiastic personality able to take any type of stakeholders along and build highly motivated teams

* Effective networker and lobbyist; builder of partnerships and support, used to work with a broad spectrum of policy makers, businesses, NGO’s and other stakeholders both at national and international levels


Keynote speaker


fmr CEO Cordaid, Ambassador, Intern. Advisor,  Share(d) Leadership Found,  Women & Youth, Prez.