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Sebastiaan Tan

Sebastiaan Tan

World traveler. Startup entrepreneur. Endurance athlete & adventurer: boxer, Channel swimmer (England - France). Evangelist of free existence.

Business & Management, Sports
Business leader | Entrepeneur, Athlete | Sport coach
Keynote speaker
The Netherlands


In his early 20s Sebastiaan Tan managed to do a full time sales job in less than 5 hours per week, while he traveled the world. During that time he also built up his passive income to over 5k+ euro per month by investing in real estate and starting a company.

Sebastiaan also likes to compete in extreme sports having run 10+ marathon, 2 full Iron man races, doing a Muay Thai Fight and being 1 of only 12 Dutch people to ever swim across the canal from the UK to France, in 15 hours.

Sebastiaan Tan co-founded and was the CCO of the fast growing tech startup Temper where they are revolutionising temporary hiring.
With 1 mio+ investment they grew their pool of temp workers to 30.000 temp workers in just 2 year.

Let people move. Sebastiaan Tan motivates people to do sports or to be entrepreneurial. Being entrepreneurial isn’t only about doing business. For him being entrepreneurial means going out there, start traveling, pick a (crazy) hobby or challenge yourself in other ways.


Keynote speaker



Travel, sports and making money.
Being entrepreneurial.
Channel crossing.
Future of work.


Niels Peekstok, organizer 4 HourWorkWeek Meetup:
I asked Sebastian a few months ago to present a presentation about his entrepreneurial experience, the 4HWW and his special sports performances. The hall of 45 men was sold out within a week and afterwards I only had positive reactions. The presentation was very inspiring and the way Sebastian answered questions was top. Highly recommended!

Adriaan Kolff, managing director Moongro:
Sebastiaan is a very inspiring speaker who explains how he's been swimming the ice-cold waters of the North Sea in 16 hours by means of his own pictures and videos. From a blunt and sincere gaze he told how he came to this incredible challenge. Inspired and positively surprised we were all after his presentation! Highly recommended! He makes you realize that nothing is impossible!