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Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg

Award-winning franchisee discussing mindset and tactics for peak performance.

Human Capital, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Sales
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Scott Greenberg was a promising graduate film student at NYU when he was diagnosed with cancer. Inspired by his grandmother, a “Schindler’s List” Holocaust survivor, Scott beat the disease and went on to run the Los Angeles Marathon. Today, Scott is an internationally recognized speaker and business consultant who helps leaders and their teams elevate their performance. He’s written three books on leadership and is a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the College Soul. Clients of Scott’s include Nike, The Wyndham Hotel Group and the U.S. Air Force. He has spoken in all 50 U.S. states, as well as in Canada, Ecuador, Jamaica, Aruba and Saudi Arabia. For more than ten years Scott owned two “Edible Arrangements” franchises in Los Angeles.  His operation won the “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year” awards out of more than 1000 franchisees worldwide. 

Scott Greenberg has captivated audiences with his high-energy presentations on leadership and peak performance mindset. His diverse client list includes Nike, Allstate, the Wyndham Hotel Group, the U.S. Air Force and countless other businesses, franchises and associations. 

Discussing both skill set and mindset, Scott helps business leaders and their teams elevate performance and grow their companies. He challenges conventional thinking and gets people immediately focused on the ideas and action that matter most.

Scott received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA in 1992 and was awarded a scholarship to attend graduate film school at New York University. He was diagnosed with cancer after only one semester and returned to California for treatment. After successfully beating the disease, he celebrated by running the Los Angeles Marathon to raise money for cancer research.

Scott currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids.


Keynote speaker
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"I exist to help people live and work more effectively. I share stories, ideas and strategies that elevate human performance. My mission is to help others accomplish their mission."


Peak Performance Leadership: The Mindset and Strategies That Make People Great 
There’s a reason why some people do better than others. It’s not just what they do, but how they think.  Whether they’re managing stress, inspiring employees or connecting with customers, great leaders excel at the human side of work. Because they think better, they work better. That’s why they get results. This program will help you replicate the mental strategies effective leaders use to get ahead. You'll learn to overcome the most common mental blockers and refocus on the work that matters most. Obtain practical ideas for elevating your personal and professional performance, and lead others to do the same. 

The Wealthy Franchisee Mindset: How Top Franchisees Think, Thrive and Grow Their Businesses
Why is it that in the same business, running the same operation, some franchisees thrive while others struggle? The difference may be the most critical factor -mindset - the way we manage the thoughts and emotions that impact everything we do. This is the most distinguishing element of high-performance franchisees. Their mental advantage leads to operational superiority. It enables them to develop strong partnerships with their franchisor, engage their employees and connect with customers. It allows them to maintain clear heads and focus on the work that matters most. Top franchisees engage in the same tasks and face the same problems as their peers. But they do it better because their mind is an asset to their business and not a liability. Drawing upon his hands-on experience of building two award-winning Edible Arrangements franchises and consulting for other franchise systems, Scott will show you how to replicate the behaviors and thought patterns of the industry's top-performers so you, too, can build a thriving, profitable operation. 

Wow! Creating a Customer Experience That Blows Their Minds & Grows Your Business
Lots of companies compete for the same customers, but most fall short when serving them. They focus on financial transactions rather than on human connections. They repeat the same robotic phrases. They operate without any humanity, missing an opportunity to make an impression. For most businesses, the problem isn't service that's bad. It's service that's forgettable. The best brands offer more than products and services. They build relationships. They create an emotionally satisfying experience that people don’t forget. This program will show you how to thrill your customers to ensure they walk away happy, spread the word and come back for more.

All In! Creating a Team of High Performance Employees 
Great companies are built with great teams. But given demands placed on business owners combined with fast-paced lifestyle and evolving values of the workforce, developing a reliable, stable staff is a daunting prospect. "You just can't find good help these days," bosses complain. "And when you find them, you can't keep them." Yes you can. The trick isn't finding good help. It's cultivating it. This program is all about identifying, connecting with and inspiring employees to care. You'll learn how to build loyal teams who feel personally invested in the growth of your business. In fact, they'll consider it their business. Engage employees at that level and you'll have a company that's ready to flourish.

Leaning Into Change: How to Adapt, Evolve and Continuously Improve
In this age of disruption, it’s not enough to be the best. We must be better – better than our competition, and better than we’ve been. That means evolving, innovating and changing. It also means letting go of the habits that hold us back. The program will help you optimize your mindset to quickly adapt to an ever-changing landscape and work towards continuous growth.