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Sarah Dodd

Sarah Dodd

An inspirational woman on the way to change the world

Futurist | Trend forecaster, Visionair | Innovator
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Sarah Dodd grew up in a small town in Arkansas in USA. She has had to overcome many obstacles in her life, due to her long family line of drug/alcohol abuse and depression. Eager to leave the only place she had ever known, she graduated high school one year early and at th early age of 17 she left moved out of her state to attend university.

Sarah Dodd has a bachelor`s degree from the University of Arkansas in Speech and Communication with Suma Cum Laude Honors, with years of intercultural experience, as well as a nursing background.

At the age of 23 years old, as she was working as a licensed nurse, she found herself in over her head with student loans, interest rates, materialistic possessions everywhere she looked and completely stuck in the normal routine of life. She focused her life around what she “should” be doing according to society, instead of courageously going after her truest dreams.

“I grew up with people constantly pressing upon me a way of life that I felt like was not for me. Graduate high school, go to college, get a job, find a boyfriend, graduate college, get married, buy a house, have kids…”

With other plans in her heart, Sarah decided that it was more important live without regrets, than losing the approval of others. Sarah came up with an action plan and worked with an unshakable focus, working every weekend, double and holiday shift in order to become debt free and save in order to make her dream become a reality.

“If I ever heard any nurse on a different shift complaining about even the smallest pain, I would rush over and offer to work their shift in order to send them home and get more hours. “

She finally accomplish her goal, became completely debt free and in June 2013 left her job and moved to Spain without knowing a single person or word of Spanish. Sarah lived, worked and experienced the Spanish life and culture during two years and in 2015 she decided that she was ready for her next challenge.

She started traveling full time in 2015 and as of now she has traveled to almost 100 countries around the world, speaking at conferences to companies and individuals through her unique cultural experience and work.


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Sarah believes in the importance in making a sustainable impact as she travels alone across the globe.“There are so many different things that we can do to be more sustainable travelers and people as a whole. The first step comes with awareness..” Sustainable tourism is not simply the idea of keeping a go green mentality and taking care of the precious Earth that we live on. Cultural awareness, respect and sensitivity are a huge aspects of sustainable tourism. Its our job as travelers to not only take care of our Earth, but to develop these traits when it comes to visiting new places and meeting new people. As leaders in tourism and travelers, we must stand strong as leaders, educate ourselves on the different world problems and look for new innovative ways to create a more sustainable future.

1. Sustainable Development and Creativity
2. Creating a more sustainable future
3. Sustainable Tourism
4. Sustainability in Hostelry
5. Role of Leaders in the Tourism Sector


In a highly changing diverse world, effective Intercultural communication is more important than ever. This can be obtained by a deeper knowledge of different cultures, and implementing different strategies in order to connect better in our work and personal lives.

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas in Speech and Communication years of experience speaking in various countries to thousands of people in both English and Spanish.
She has years of experience living, working, traveling and communicating between different cultures and can offer knowledge and practical steps enhance communication within your company or personal life.

As of now, she has traveled to almost 100 countries has specialized expertise in different areas of communication. In additional, she is a TEDx speaker, who was invited to speak at the largest conference in Spain in her second language and gives conferences on improving public speaking skills and become a more confident and effective communicator.

1. Stategies for Effective Intercultural Communication
2. Interpersonal Communication
3. Public Speaking Skills & Knowledge


Importance in the world today having a strong marketing strategy is key to a having a growing business that reaches a mass international audience.

Sarah began the Nomadic Dreamer in 2015 with the desire to inspire others to face their fears and create the life they have always imagined. She started from zero and has learned over the years the necessary tools and tricks to creating a successful website and professional image.

Sarah has given talks in different countries on the subject of marketing, blogging, relationships between influencers and companies etc, as well as work and build relationships with very recognizable companies in different countries around the world.

  1. Ways to grow your social media presence
  2. Digital nomad: Keys to making money on the go
  3. Power of visual content on the web
  4. Creating a professional brand
  5. How companies can earn more with collaborations


Sarah Dodd has traveled completely alone around the world and has gained knowledge and skills that she is passionate about sharing. She speaks on her personal experience going from a well paid nurse in the USA to a motivational speaker and coach that has converted her love of travel into her profession.

“Everyone always sees my life and think that I am so lucky, but it’s not luck. The answer lies in having a clear idea of what it is that you want and putting forth the work necessary to achieve it, with perseverance and consistency…”

Sarah speaks on a variety of travel topics, from the hesitant beginner, to the well rounded traveler. She also helps in the preparation for those that are moving abroad for the first time and gives informative lectures for the skeptical parents. She offers inspiration, as well as valuable information, courses and coaching for those of all walks of life. She frequently is invited to speak at large tourism events and ones held directly by the tourism board of the country, in both English and Spanish.

  1. Cultural sensitivity and intelligence
  2. Travel etiquette and knowledge
  3. Becoming a digital nomad
  4. How to travel the world and make a positive impact


Sarah Dodd currently is on a mission to travel all the countries of the world. As of now, she has traveled alone to almost 100 countries, working as a professional speaker and life coach. Her main value on her adventure is supporting sustainable tourism and working to make a sustainable difference in her ventures across the globe.

She strives to truly connect across the globe with different cultures and gain a level of respect and understanding for the diversity between each and every one of us. Her motto with her sustainable way of travel is “friendship and connections across countries and cultures.” She is passionate about serving and connecting every chance that is presented to her.

In her speeches, she motivates and inspires others through her powerful story as a close minded Arkansas girl, to one that is on a mission to make a sustainable impact.

  1. Personal story of overcoming hardships
  2. Simplify your goals to achieve more results
  3. Turn your Passion into your Profession
  4. Changing your mindset to receive maximum results.