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Ritu Mehrish

Ritu Mehrish

Author, Leader's Block: How Great Leaders Recover After They Stumble and Executive Coach with 20+ years of corporate experience.

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Leaders cry too!, What women want, From closets to boardrooms, Leader's block: how great leaders recover after they stumble
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Ritu Mehrish has 20 years of corporate experience working globally in companies such as P&G, GE Capital and GE spin-off Genpact. She has held several leadership positions in running global operations and managing client relationships. In her last role, Ritu ran a multimillion-dollar business vertical with 1000 people across 8 countries and 5 continents.

Her business and leadership experience has enabled her to bring in a pragmatic approach to leadership development. Her client list - Google, PayPal, Swiss Re, JP Morgan, Applied Materials, Intel, Knight Frank, Johnson & Johnson, AIA, Medtronic, SCOR, Deloitte, IKEA, Asia School of Business and Wharton Executive Education, highlights the level of expertise she brings to the leadership topic.

Ritu Mehrish is a woman on a mission to humanise leadership. She provides a refreshing and unique perspective on leadership by talking about the challenges, dilemmas and blocks that leaders go through in their leadership journey.

Her topic ‘Leader’s Block’ (yes, like writer’s block!) is very relevant to the leaders today to prepare them for the future. As per her research and interviews with hundreds of leaders across the globe, she found that Leader’s Block is one of the top reasons for unproductivity and blip in leadership. But interestingly it’s not talked about - in fact it didn’t even have a name until now.

For the last 5 years Ritu Mehrish has spoken to thousands of leaders from Fintech, Technology, Retail, Banking, Insurance, FMCG, Realestate, Education Institutes across Asia, Europe, America. She shares the stories of these leaders, who have gone through the challenges and blocks that you are facing, to inspire you and help you find a little bit of yourself in them.

She speaks about its triggers, impact, symptoms and ways to overcome it. By talking about Leader’s Block, she enables leaders to recognize, acknowledge, overcome it and build leadership-staying power.

Ritu Mehrish's talk will help unblock leaders (and their teams) which results in unlocking their full potential, creating greater engagement, enhancing productivity and ultimately building leadership staying-power.

The cost of Leader’s Block (millions of dollars) is too huge to be ignored. The productivity gains waiting to be unlocked are too large not to be taken advantage of.

Book Ritu Mehrish to inspire your employees to be future ready and build leadership staying-power. She engages her audience with the perfect blend of head and heart.

She has lived in multiple countries and now lives in Singapore with her husband and two young children.


Conference Speaker
Keynote speaker
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"We loved your speech, very relevant for all our leaders"

Christian Roejkjaer
Managing Director (IKEA SEA and Mexico)

"Thank you for your great speech and thoughts! For me this was an eye opening new approach to look at how to develop as a leader."

Aslak de Silva
Nordics Business Forum

"Ritu's topic "Leader's Block" resonated very well with the members. She created a safe place for leaders to open up and share by sharing her story of dealing with failure."

Nick Jonsson
Managing Director
EGN (Executive Group Network)

"Ritu has been a great advisor to me during an important career time. She is authentic, has a genuine care for you and listens intently to your ideas and challenges. She offers a Global perspective and helps you craft strategies that are practical and relevant. She’s wonderful!"

Sarah Najdek
Senior Director
Johnson & Johnson

"I met Ritu at a talk at Google where she spoke about 'leader's block' and strategies to break through when you face a challenge in your leadership journey. She's a great presenter who connects with her audience through her naturally warm style."

Nishi Seth
Head of Marketing, APAC

"Ritu is speaker who truly speaks from her heart! You can feel her presence and enjoyment for her subject. Overall an amazing, kind and thoughtful speaker who I would love to work with again!"

David JP Phillips
Keynote Speaker and Founder of WOW
WOW, The Magical art of Storytelling and Death by Powerpoint



Leaders cry too!

Ritu debunks the idea that leaders have to be superman or wonder-woman to be successful. She strongly believes that leaders are humans and as long as they are humans they will fail, fumble and falter; the key is to acknowledge it and then take actions. Leaders who embrace support come out the other side stronger and wiser.

What women want

Ritu’s keynote is broken into 3 parts, what should women leaders continue doing, start doing and stop doing. She encourages the leaders to relook at what’s holding them back, to redefine their path and definition of success, to build a network of trusted advisors and to take action to navigate their career and their lives.

From closets to boardrooms

Ritu challenges organizations to open up to failures and conversations around failures. Leaders in all the fields whether its sports, politics, entertainment go through a downtime so why are leaders in the corporate world treated differently? She urges leaders and organizations to remove the stigma attached to temporary failures and setbacks.

Leader's block: how great leaders recover after they stumble

Today besides the leaders’ day job, they are expected to stay on top of current trends, embrace and lead change, make tough decisions, inspire other and much more. But what happens if the leader is blocked? Ritu talks about this phase that all leaders go through and yet it has no name (until now) – Leader’s Block.