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Richard Wolfe

Richard Wolfe

Email Handyman and pursuer of simplicity

Management & Leadership
Expert | Thought leader, Business coach | Mentor, Keynote speaker
Keynote speaker, Expert, Breakout session, Master class, Debat deelnemer
The Netherlands


  • 2019
  • Email Handyman has grown into an international training organization with more than 15 trainers around the world.
  • 2016
  • Publication book 'Speedmailing'
  • 2013
  • Development app Braintoss
  • 2008
  • start Email Handyman
  • 1992
  • start company Wolfe Internet Consultancy


Richard is fascinated with how we create technology to increase our productivity and then often seem to achieve the opposite. He has a passion for finding easy ways to make technology work for us rather than against us.

After business school, and many years in the internet industry, Richard decided to dedicate himself to helping people use email. Because of the problems it created in our society, email ranges from a top three stress creator to a highly ignored medium.

Richard was born in Australia and grew up in the Netherlands. He is a pursuer of simplicity, which is reflected in the courses provided by his company, Email Handyman, the productivity app he developed called Braintoss, as well as the many life-hacks he inserts into the lives of his family, colleagues and fellow cricket players – and now also through his first publication, Speedmailing.


Keynote speaker
Breakout session
Master class
Debat deelnemer


Richard is an experienced and engaging speaker, who you can contact for workshops or lectures on

  • Teaching your brain how to deal with email, tasks and distractions
  • Best practices on how to improve the "culture" of email
  • Challenges around shared mailboxes and team email
  • How to be effective using tools like Trello, Scannable and Braintoss