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Richard de Hoop

Richard de Hoop

Listen, tune in and play together.

Management & Leadership
Business leader | Entrepeneur
Keynote speaker, Moderator/ Presenter, Breakout session
The Netherlands


Customers call him, a real pro, authentic, enthusiastic and a very likeable personality. With his team, he has been conducting around 100 seminars and key-notes each year since 1995. As an entrepreneur since 1991, he started 4 companies. Sold 2 of them successfully and is passionately driving the other 2.

Richard de Hoop uses music as a metaphor and a source of inspiration for businesses and interactions within them. He compares the range and diversity of peoples’ characters to musical instruments; thus a drum represents an active, motivated, hands-on pacesetter, whereas the horn is the unobtrusive yet observant team player. Both are important for a successful team. Richard de Hoop uses a total of eight instruments to classify individual characters. The main message of his inspiring, passionate presentations is: only the joyful ensemble playing of the orchestra as a whole (the employees), working under a motivating conductor (their superior) can lead to a full sound experience and top performances from the entire group.


Keynote speaker
Moderator/ Presenter
Breakout session


In his keynote speeches Richard de Hoop motivates his audience by calling on them to focus on the strengths of each individual and to place that person where he or she can best use their talents. Just as each instrument in an orchestra has its own musical role to play. He calls this the ‘Revolution of strengths’. Only when an individual operates from a position which is right for him can he demonstrate enthusiasm and passion in his work, thus enabling his team to strive for exceptional performance. Indeed, Richard de Hoop’s advice to all those who have a motivating leadership role is: ‘look for the sparkle in your employees’ eyes’.