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Raissa & Joyce De Haas “Double Dutch”

Raissa & Joyce De Haas “Double Dutch”

Dynamic twin co-founders of award-winning brand "Double Dutch"

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How to exponentially grow, How to build a business to scale in a lean way, How to raise investment, How to export efficiently, More broadly: (female) entrepreneurship, Food & Beverage
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Joyce and Raissa de Haas are the dynamic twin co-founders of award-winning UK premium tonic and mixers brand Double Dutch. Since launching in 2015, they have received numerous accolades with Sir Richard Branson supporting their vision by awarding them a coveted Foodpreneur Award. Additional honours include being featured in The Telegraph’s ‘Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders’ in 2019, and taking a spot on the prestigious Forbes ’30 under 30’ Europe list. In just a few years, they have build a multi million pound business exporting to over 30 countries, where most recently also the family Heineken invested a minority stake in.

We are a brand built on a belief in maximising flavourful drinking, creating unexpected pairings that enhance every adult drinking occasion – whether served with premium spirits or savoured solo.

It is not just about flavourful drinking at Double Dutch, doing business the right way is an important principle for us. We have a clear policy in place to support diversity and are exploring new ways to drive sustainability through our supply chain.


Keynote speaker
Debat deelnemer



We (EP, Business in Hospitality) have been fortunate enough to be able to work with Joyce and Raissa over the last 5-6 years and they have spoken at a number of our events. On average, EP, hosts around 70 events a year for senior Industry leaders so we do see a whole number of leading speakers from across different spectrums.

I can genuinely say that Joyce and Raissa always attract a good audience to hear their remarkable story but moreover, audiences just warm to them and like them. The reason is that both are very genuine and authentic; they are real and audiences feel they can relate to them. They are also very open and accessible with no false airs and graces which only helps build a connection with the audience. I was lucky enough to first meet them when they were starting out and one of their great successes is that they are exactly the same people today, with all their recognition and success, as they were when they started. This is very rare and the heart of their ability to connect with audiences.

They also a lovely sense of humour, mischief and are self-depreciating which also helps them build relationships with the audience.

I suspect they will be very successful speakers in this market as we find many audiences do not want to be told or listen to speakers who claim they have all the solutions but to those who will inspire and give hope. The Double Dutch story is one such story. Everyone assumes they have just been a great success story but they have faced adversity, their dark days but found solutions to come through. This is exactly the type of story that many want to hear today.

I can only highly recommend them. If you would like to discuss further, please always feel free to contact me. 
Chris Sheppardson, Founder, chris.sheppardson@chess-executive.com

I interviewed Raissa and Joyce for my show Brave Hustler https://bravehustler.com/playlist/the-founders-series/ as part of my Fouders Series. What really excited me was how confident they were in condensing their ideas. They were effective speakers. I have no doubt that they can inspire the future generation of entrepreneurs. They are trailblazers and I cannot wait to see them on stage or online giving motivational talks.
Mike Saraswat -Founder van www.ekstasy.com en www.bravehustler.com

It was my pleasure to have Raissa and Joyce as our guest lecturers as part of Entrepreneurial Strategy online class in November. They were very good at keeping the presentation focused on key agenda items. The content was extremely relevant for my students who really enjoyed their honestly and passion and found them very inspirational. The slides were visually appealing and easy to follow and understand. They effectively commanded attention throughout the presentation (which is not always easy in the online classroom) and had no problem managing students. I hope they visit us again in the future!
Cara Maya professor University UCL in Londen.


I couldn’t recommend Joyce and Raissa highly enough to share their authentic, inspirational and genuine insights into building Double Dutch.  

Their enthusiasm, application, creativeness and attention to detail typifies elements of what is required to build a successful business. Their story is one of sacrifice and hard work with success on the way. It leaves audiences inspired and motivated and wanting to know more. Joyce and Raissa are relevant to a wide range of audiences that will all feel empowered and energised.
Andrew Lewis, Sales Director Sanlam Wealth


How to exponentially grow
How to build a business to scale in a lean way
How to raise investment
How to export efficiently
More broadly: (female) entrepreneurship, Food & Beverage