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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

Profound Simplicity. Making the Complex Clear.

Branding, Communications, Marketing & Sales
Business coach | Mentor, Keynote speaker
Keynote speaker, Master class
The Dynamics of Growth, Mastering Growth, The Trilogy of Growth: Leadership, Innovation, & Branding, Creating a Culture of Growth, Internal Corporate Keynote Speeches
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  • 2018
  • Working with The Vatican
  • 2017
  • Speaking to The G7
  • 2016
  • Speaking to Lego
  • 2016
  • Interviewing Al Pacino
  • 2015
  • Speaking to The Government of Abu Dhabi


Paul Hughes: Profound Simplicity. 

Paul Hughes is a recognised top professional Keynote Speaker.Coming from a long tradition of Irish storytellers, he uses clear articulation, humour, & ‘professional warmth’ to connect with audiences in over 45 countries. With 25 years experience, his work is innovative & informative, provocative & persuasive, & ultimately inspires practical action.  

His unique presentation style enhances comprehension & engagement: he draws live as speaks along ten meters of paper. Audiences are captivated, inspired, & motivated with his ‘Ten Meters of Thinking’.His overarching theme is Growth and he works with what he calls the 'Trilogy of Growth: Leadership, Innovation, & Branding’.

“Paul is a Master Storyteller.”
“An Unforgettable Keynote.”
"Paul ranks among the best & most inspiring speakers of our time.”


Keynote speaker
Master class



“Had the chance to join Paul´s Keynote "Managing for Growth" at our Global Management Conference and it was really great! Very interesting insights and thoughts, presented in a lively style which ensures that the audience will never forget. To the point!” ~ Markus Dohm, Executive Vice President, TUV Rheinland Group. “Apart from being a gifted speaker, Paul is also a solid organiser. He was very engaged and pro-active on how to get our message across and how his story should tie in.”
Michiel Teunissen, Head Innovation, Trade & Commodity Finance, Rabobank.

"I had the opportunity to work with Paul on a leadership programme for our top 60 global leaders. What an inspiring and unique experience! The participants were caught by his presentation, which was customised to our leadership strategy. Paul is able to give his audience a complete different view on leadership by storytelling. A great pleasure to listen to and to learn from!”
Iman Eddini, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Rabobank.

“Paul was a speaker on the 2nd 'Nationale Greoeimasterclass’ (National Growth Masterclass). He was able to involve, surprise and inspire a very critical audience of about 500 growth entrepreneurs. Very professional, well done, and I recommend Paul highly.”
Kees de Jong, Entrepreneur, Growth Expert, Investor.

“Paul is an inspirational speaker in the best Irish traditional. He combines storytelling with dialogue, and words with images. He is a craftsman in the best sense of the word, highly intelligent and with a tender sense of humour. He connects by sharing and listening to him gives the audience the feeling that we knew him long before we actually met.”
Harry Starren, Chairman of the Dutch Creative Industries.

“Paul ranks among the best & most inspiring speakers of our time.”
Niki Ernst, Global TEDx Ambassador.



The Dynamics of Growth

The Patterns, Principles, & Practices of the most successful organisations in the world. 
Growth can be as easy are 1, 2, 3.
Step 1: find the Patterns that growth follows in Nature and that are reflected in successful organisations. Step 2: extract Principles from these Patterns that are relevant for your organisation. Step 3: put these Principles into Practice in your daily operations. Understand The Dynamics of Growth to make your growth as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Mastering Growth

Learn your Type & your Style of Growth to make Master Growth in your organisation. 
There are universal principles to growth that every organisation can follow. However to be successful each organisation must apply them uniquely. By understanding your type of growth and your style of growth you Master Growth by making it personal.

The Trilogy of Growth: Leadership, Innovation, & Branding

Take your organisation to the next level by Mastering Leadership, Innovation, & Branding. 
To grow any organisation there much be clear leadership, a culture of innovation, and a compelling Brand story. In this speech Paul Hughes outlines what he calls The Trilogy of Growth and how you can use it to maximise the growth of your people and profit.

Creating a Culture of Growth

Create new mindsets to create a Culture of Growth in your organisation.
A culture is nothing more than a collection of individual mindsets. Therefore, to create a new culture we must first create new mindsets. In this speech Paul Hughes, ‘the expert’s expert’, shares his knowledge of one CEO, VP, or Founder of a single company but rather his knowledge that is collected from 1000’s of companies. He has interviewed successful people from every field to extract their mindsets of success, including Al Pacino. In the speech Paul Hughes reveals the key mind-shifts that create a Culture of Growth.

Internal Corporate Keynote Speeches

Much of Paul’s work focuses on internal corporate events, where he is asked to deliver a Keynote Speech that reflects the corporate vision, strategy, and values. Therefore, most of Paul’s speeches are not topic/title based and are all tailor made.