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Patrick Dixon

Patrick Dixon

Futurist: Manage risk & seize opportunity — future trends & strategy

Trends, Business & Management
Futurist | Trend forecaster, Author
Keynote speaker
United Kingdom


  • 1998
  • Published 'Futurewise'
  • 1988
  • launched the AIDS charity ACET


Patrick Dixon is often described in the media as Europe’s leading futurist. He is a dynamic, provocative and entertaining speaker who advises many of the world’s largest
corporations on key trends, managing uncertainty, identifying risk and developing opportunities. He digs deep into the strategy of each organization, and creates a unique presentation for each event.

Dynamic speaker with a gift for helping organisations further their strategic goals by understanding future trends. Truly customised presentations—deep and tailored research, valuable insights, exciting multi-media. Ranked
as one of the world’s 20 most influential business thinkers alive by Thinkers 50. Successful entrepreneur.He has successfully identified hundreds of future business innovations.


Keynote speaker


Energetic, interactive, down-to-earth speaker
His approach is highly energetic, informal and interactive, and engages full attention of large and small audiences from the first moment. He raises profound and sometimes
disturbing issues, with warmth, passion and humour as he walks the stage and amongst participants. He brings a reality check to multi-year business plans, with sharp
consumer insights and amusing stories about life and how it will change.

3D Journey to the Future.

This extraordinary 3D audience experience uses a Musion system—a transparent screen 3m to 100m wide and up to 20m high (no special glasses required). Solid-looking objects, stage scenery, video and images appear in front or
behind Patrick Dixon, manipulated by him as part of a story about the future’s impact on your corporation.