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Niels van Roij

Niels van Roij

A Visual decoding of the strategy and philosophy behind car design.

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The Netherlands


Niels van Roij is a Dutch car designer living and working in central London, from where he runs his award winning design studio. Through his London design studio, Niels has worked on many projects for the automotive - and design industries. He executed research for Volvo, worked on the New London Taxi and was involved in projects with Ford, Rolls-Royce and 10 Downing Street. In his London design studio Niels worked on generating design strategies and brand DNA’s, design thinking is also an important part of what he does in London.

There are rich and beautiful stories on automotive design, the how and why, the reason behind the aesthetics. But it is rare that those stories entirely come in spaces, experiences and the media surrounding the cars and products. Niels and his team feel at home in and around design, they understand the subtle meanings of the designs in the automotive industry and are well versed at communicating them. Niels has unprecedented access to unique, never shown, footage due to his connections in the industry. It is an absolutely exclusive look into the otherwise so closed world of automotive design.

During the Masterclass Automotive Design Niels takes you, via his metier as a car designer, through the world of automotive design. In his visual presentation you’ll see the car design process. In front of your eyes Niels decodes the design. He explains the importance of the right design philosophy - the reason behind the aesthetics. He shows you the subtle meanings of car design, for example he’ll thoroughly reveals the importance of proportions, surfacing and jewellery, and concludes with a design review on one of your products.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.


Keynote speaker
Breakout session
Master class



-Masterclass Automotive Design

A deep dive into the wonderful world of car design. What is its function and what enormous importance does it have for the car industry?

-The importance of brand DNA:

Who is your brand, what does it do and most importantly, why?

-Inclusive design:

How to design a purpose-built product, fit for the requirements of the modern world - whilst addressing the needs of users of all ages and abilities?