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Natasha Illum Berg

Natasha Illum Berg

Female hunting conservationist and author who has lived in Africa for 26 years.

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Questioning, talking about, discussing mans place in nature yesterday and today., Womens place in the world., Being a conservationist hunter.
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  • 2019
  • Merete van den Berg has written a book about Denmarks 107 “Pippi Girls.” Together with queens and hugely important writers she has decided to incluse me as one of Denmarks inspiring and strong women in history.
  • 2019
  • When I and my best friend filmmaker kire Godal won “best environmental film” at the Hollywood womens film festival.
  • 2013
  • When I formed my foundation for elephants www.ivoryblack.com https://vimeo.com/168550304
  • 2011
  • when I guided ten severely physically handicapped people across the stretch of Namibia (it became a hugely watched television show in Sweden) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9bVaLfl8TU
  • 2008
  • I became the first female professional hunter to become a member of the African professional hunters association


I am a professional hunter guide in Tanzania, since almost a quarter of a century. I offer hunting safaris in some of the absolute top areas here. The vastness of these remote, completely wild and unfenced areas, are the key to a spectacular adventure. We only target carefully selected old males, which makes for a fair and sustainable chase.
We walk and track a lot. While the midday sun cools we eat our lunch and rest under a tree or by a river. By nightfall we are back in camp for a hot shower, drinks and dinner.

The hunting company
For many years I have had a working relationship with Robin Hurt safaris (Tanzania) and exclusively bring my hunting clients to their areas and old style canvassed camps. Camps of a style that has not changed much since the early 1900s. Here a smooth organisation, clear ethics, completely wild areas and warm staff blend into an ideal safari, for the intrepid hunter who loves nature and crave true adventures.
With me you can hunt plains game and buffalo. My own passion as a professional hunter in Tanzania is to take a hunting guest on to the tracks of an old and gnarled buffalo bull. Hunting for buffalo in our western miombo forested areas means walking whilst following tracks. And when it comes to hunting buffalos in the northern Tanzanian mountains, you will need to get your walking shoes on, for here we cannot access anything but base camp with a vehicle.
I also offer tailor made hunting safaris entirely on foot. This in the same areas, but fly camping and much in the simple and fancy-free style of the early explorers.

The hunting season in Tanzania is from 1st July to the end of December. My recommended top time for hunting buffalo is between the end of July and mid November.


Keynote speaker


Because, in this ever growing urbanised worldI can remindand show people of our connection to nature. I can tell a story that reminds people surrounded by concrete that we are part of nature.

I am a hunter yes, I live in, by and off nature. and I am also a conservationist. There was a time when those two things were naturally connected in peoples minds. Today so many people have forgotten to be part of nature to a degree that they even deny death. Both the own death, but also that of our food. The only thing we haveEVER eaten that has not once been alive is salt. People have forgotten that death is a part of life and we have to refind the balance in it all. The balance ofgiving to nature and sustainably taking from nature.

I also give talks to inspire women to be strong and discuss how come we have not come further in the world yet…we still have a long way to go before we have the same power as men in the world. I have a pretty good idea why, when I look at my own experiences.

I also love to read from my books on stage. This is more to people who love the power of poetry and words



Questioning, talking about, discussing mans place in nature yesterday and today.

The loss of the senses.

Learning how to look up, to be connected to nature and our own core, while it is still ok to eat meat and be part of a balance that is natural.

Womens place in the world.
Being a conservationist hunter.