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Martijn Lampert

Martijn Lampert

How We Can Navigate the Human Experience and Thrive.

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Martijn Lampert,  Co-Founder of Glocalities, developed a revolutionary navigation compass for Connecting with People across Cultures, based on two decades of experience in Values, Cultures and Trends Research. He surveyed nearly 300,000 people from 35 countries and lets you look at the world through their eyes.

Lampert’s mission is to contribute to a higher level of understanding between People, Organizations and Cultures.


He inspires you to build bridges and connect with audiences based on shared values. He offers people, organizations and brands new insights at a deeper level that help them thrive and grow – both personally and professionally. 


Martijn Lampert assists multinationals, NGO’s and governments in using Social Intelligence to achieve their goals in an ever-changing sociocultural context.

He is a TEDx Johannesburg speaker: ''Tap into Millennials passions to achieve SDG's''

Martijn Lampert frequently publishes and lectures about Audiences, Cross-cultural Trends, Marketing Communications and Sustainability. With his research insights and consultancy Lampert focuses on enabling a new generation of changemakers in the non-profit, commercial and public sector to realize the Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030.

Working Together Successfully means that you need to learn, empathize, and build bridges.
We need to work together to create a better future for humanity. Too many people are in the way of their own success and the success of their community or company because they focus only on themselves and project their own values onto other people and the world at large.


You first need to understand yourself in relation to the other and learn to look at the social and natural world as an interconnected and regenerative ecosystem. With 7 billion people globally, understanding Cultural and Values differences has become a key capacity for people who want to contribute to a better future, develop their organizations and grow.


Are you interested in accessing and navigating The Wisdom of Humanity? By literally stepping into the shoes of your audience based on global values research, Martijn Lampert guides you through their potential, talks about the best fitting Archetypes and Trends, and teaches you how to connect with the dreams, ambitions and passions of your audience.



Martijn Lampert inspires with his publications and keynotes many future leaders and (young) change makers around the world.Based on the Glocalities research, Martijn Lampert has published a series of studies on very diverse topics (from China, Europe, billionaires, sustainability, Trump, GenZ, Millennials, cross-cultural marketing, diversity, social and political polarisation, to value trends resulting from the Corona crisis).

Personal mission:
 My deepest mission is to inspire future leaders and (young) change makers globally with values based research insights for creating a world in which every person can flourish, contribute and lead a meaningful life. My proven vehicle for this is the practical science of global values research.

I know if we connect and bring our minds, hearts and hands together we can ignite the change that’s needed for securing a better future for all. Because there is no time to waste and there is no planet B.


 "He revealed the movement, struggles, and transition that we are all part of.''

Jan van Betten,
Founder Nudge

‘’The talk has come around nicely. It's solid and powerful. Thank you for the work.’’

Ithateng Mokgoro, Curator,



His presentation was a hit... A well prepared, knowledgeable, thoughtful presentation by someone who loves his work - is winning.

Mirjam van Gool, Senior Sustainability Consultant at EcoValue



Trend Study ‘’Surging Mass Recognition of Threat to Planet’’ launched


‘Global Values Trends during the COVID-19 Crisis’ published with the late Professor Ronald Inglehart, Founder of the World Values Survey

Research ‘Trust in the United Nations’ published

shared by the UN Secretary Generals Antonio Guterres and Ban Ki-moon

Start of The International research agency Glocalities

Assisting the world’s religious leaders including Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama
in their call for Friendship across religions with research into ‘Humanity's Shared Values’


Awarded ‘Agency Researcher of the Year’

2009 - 2011
Published two books about Millennials and Their Values