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Marcello Palazzi

Marcello Palazzi

Europe’s first ‘impact entrepreneur’ with experience of 26 ventures to share!

Economy & Finance
Expert | Thought leader, Author, Keynote speaker
Keynote speaker, Expert, Moderator/ Presenter, Debate
Impact entrepreneurship: how entrepreneurs change the world, for the better., Impact economics: how our economy can be transformed for the good of people and planet., Impact leadership: lessons learned in 30 years of leading new ventures.
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  • 2015
  • Launch of B Corps in Europe
  • 2005
  • Launch of Tällberg Forum, Sweden
  • 1993
  • Launch of Social Venture Network Europe, Amsterdam
  • 1992
  • Sale of first business
  • 1981
  • Election as President of the Students’ Government at London School of Economics


Marcello is an economist and serial entrepreneur for human progress with 26 successful pioneering ventures under his belt: Marton Products Ltd and Deneb Laboratori Chimici srl, two high-tech, Europe’s first, environmental diagnostic companies he co-developed and grew to sales in 30 countries with his father in his 20s and early 30s in 1981-1992 and then sold, including subsidiaries Marton Diagnostics Ltd, Marton Italia srl and Marton International Ltd; Progressio Foundation, focusing on human progress through entrepreneurship, which has just passed its 30th year and 300 projects in 33 countries; Progressio Botswana, which was led by his partner Dr Paul Kloppenborg to develop the first PPP in Africa in 1990-93; Social Venture Network Europe, the first network of socially responsible business leaders, which Marcello co-founded and led in 1993-94; PYMWYMIC, the first impact investment network in Europe which Marcello helped to incubate within SVNE in 1994 prior to Frank van Beuningen’s leadership, which brought Ben & Jerry’s to Europe and then led to its sale to Unilever; the New Academy of Business, co-founded with Anita Roddick of The Body Shop, to develop a responsible business education in 1995-96, the first of its kind; the Bremen Initiative for Business-Cities Partnership, co-founded with Dr Rita KellnerStoll and the mayor of Bremen in 1997-2003 to focus on how businesses and cities can partner for urban well-being; the Copenhagen Centre for Social Responsibility, 1998-2002, co-founded with Minister Karen Jespersen and the trigger for CSR Europe’s launch; the State of the World Forum's Commission on Globalization, in 2000-2003, which tackled key issues years before others did; HUMANICA PLC, one of Europe’s first venture philanthropy funds co-founded with Ermanno Magnani’s ‘Rispetto e Paritá Foundation’ that invested in the E.Parliament, via3, Partner Bank in Austria and other ventures in 2001-2003; the Andromeda Fund, the first impact fund in Europe, co-launched with Stephen Brenninkmeijer and invested in several highly successful ventures, such as Celtel, which went public under Mo Ibrahim’s leadership, and ResponsAbility AG, today with over $3B assets in development finance, in 2001-2003; the Spirit in Business Foundation, co-founded with Andrew Ferguson, Sander Tideman and HH The Dalai Lama, 2000-2004, which triggered the ‘mindfulness’ revolution in business; the Foundation for Natural Leadership, co-founded with other Dutch leaders in 2001-2 through the Encounters of World Views Foundation Marcello then chaired, which has since brought 1,400 executives in deep touch with nature and themselves; the Tällberg Forum in Sweden, 2005-2013, co-founded with Bo Ekman and one of the first systems' approach global community of leaders; Tällberg Advisors, a sister to the Tällberg Forum that implemented systems’ change projects in Sweden, Greenland and Ukraine, 2006—2008; REWORK THE WORLD, the most global next gen event and community for change-makers held in Sweden, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, 2009—2010; Bioneers Europe, co-founded with Dr Kenny Ausubel in 2009-10 to launch biomimicry in Europe; ALIA Europe, Authentic Leadership Institute Europe in 2011 that helped propagate Theory U in the Benelux; B Lab Europe, co-founded with Leen Zevenbergen in 20014-current, where he grew B Corps in Europe from zero to over 300 (today at 600) and largely funded.  Progressio.org shows all his other ventures.  BEPartners and the Regenerative Alliance, with Walter Link and Benoît Greindl, respectively, are his latest ventures, soon to be made public.


Keynote speaker
Moderator/ Presenter



"Marcello is the best entrepreneurial networker I have ever met." 
Anita Roddick, Co-Founder, The Body Sop

"You have been the entrepreneurial force behind B Corps in Europe."
Andrew Kassoy, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, B Lab

"Working with you to launch the Andromeda Fund was the best part."
Stephen Brenninkmeijer, CEO, Andromeda Fund

“I have worked with many entrepreneurs in my life and you are the one I have trusted the most”.
Leen Zevenbergen, serial entrepreneur, the Netherlands

Marcello was a skillful moderator of the Global Impact Forum 2014. He had insightful questions for speakers, teased out key points from themes covered in the sessions and used effective approaches to engage the audience. As a result, there was a high level of interaction during the event, which created an inquiring, energetic atmosphere. Marcello's ease in front of an audience, openness to comments and questions informed by his in-depth expertise was an invaluable addition to the program.
Claire Macht, DPhil, University of Oxford and organiser of the Global Impact Forum 2014.


“Towards the civic economy”, 1990
“Towards a new business civilization”, 2019


Impact entrepreneurship: how entrepreneurs change the world, for the better.

Own experience, strategies, sequences, stories + selection of other entrepreneurs I have worked closely with

Impact economics: how our economy can be transformed for the good of people and planet.

Economic theory and practice developed over a 30 year period, where I predicted, and helped grow, many of the developments that have occurred since.

Impact leadership: lessons learned in 30 years of leading new ventures.

Nothing happens in the world without leadership, ie people taking responsibility.  What I have learned in 30 years of leadership ?