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Lizanne Jakobs

Lizanne Jakobs

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Business & Management
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The Netherlands


Lizanne Jakobs is an authority when it comes to entrepreneurship, business growth, globalisation, leadership and behaviour. Enterprise Nation named her one of the top 50 business consultants in the UK, where she lived for 13 years. She makes you think how you can turn your aspirations for your work or organization into clear actions. Her unique take on organisations, combining hard business (strategy, processes, finance) with soft skills (motivation, behaviour, communication) combines into a comprehensive approach that gets great results.

Her mission: get as many people as possible working in a more engaging, fun and effective way !

If you are looking for an energetic speaker who can fascinate a room in Flawless British English and Dutch and who knows what she is talking about, book Lizanne! She speaks full of passion and knows how to combine opposites, an academic who believes in being pragmatic, someone who seamlessly knows how to combine theory and best practice in her line of work with her own experience and that of the members of the audience. Where others only see problems between people with different backgrounds or departments with different goals, between management and the work floor, she sees how we can combine efforts and achieve more together.

Lizanne is the founder and owner of Brilliant Work, a coaching, training and consultancy business that has quickly grown since it was founded in 2016 to an expert team of coaches and hundreds of clients. It was named best SME Business Coaching & Consultancy of the Netherlands in 2019.  Lizanne holds a Master's degree in International Business Communications and a B.A. in English, both from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She is an Ology certified business coach, DiSC certified trainer and a partner in the OBD Academy, a UK training company focused on management and leadership courses. She has been accredited by the Dutch and British government as well as several Dutch provinces to help businesses function better, grow and export. Lizanne won a Green Apple Award, a prestigious business prize and got to collect it at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

She is an expert at the Dutch Institute for Knowledge Transfer (INVK) where she trains entrepreneurs and directors on topics such as change management, innovation in organisations and how to bring new products to market.

Lizanne has over 20 years in business experience, both as an employee, manager, entrepreneur as well as an adviser, coach and trainer in a variety of sectors. In all of her roles both working for other businesses as well as her own, she was usually the first in something. The first to sell a new service, to get accreditation for subsidies or to win awards.

She has held various roles in international sales and marketing management where she worked with all types of people and nationalities, from small Spanish fork lift truck dealerships to Shell and Volvo. This has shown her the best and worst examples of how people and organisations work. Her examples are often recognisable or make you laugh. She is full of energy, conviction and passion! Her years of theatre experience show in how well she connects with the audience. She is a Dutch national who is fluent in English Dutch, Spanish and German.


Keynote speaker
Coach / Trainer


Selling more than you ever dreamed by “selling” less
Most people with a sales aspect to their job think they can sell by pushing hard. No one wants that and people are trying to resist being sold to. Others believe that selling is a dirty word and that customers will come knocking on your door of their own accord. Learn how to respectfully and efficiently win large numbers of new clients, who spend more and stay for longer.

Creating ownership in your organisation
The bigger the organisation, the less responsibility we feel for what happens in it. How do we keep our people involved in their work, team, with their clients or for their results? Get the tools to work together successfully.

Innovation in your organisation
Only organisations that constantly improve, innovate and our customer focused will survive. How can everyone contribute to this? What should you no longer do to enable this? Hear how you can become or remain more Netflix than Blockbuster, more Apple than Kodak.

Working together internationally within your organization or with others
Our society is more international now than ever. Whether you do business with different countries or have foreign employees here. What are the differences and how can you best deal with them? Take an international discovery from the comfort of your own seat and learn the best possible and most effective way to work together.

How to motivate people and apply coaching leadership?
Many managers don’t know how to get the best out of their team, what really motivates people to give it their all at work? By using entertaining anecdotes Lizanne has encountered over the years you hear what can go wrong in the world of management. But most of all though she shows you how to avoid such mistakes and get the best out of your team.