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Jules van Hessen

Jules van Hessen

Acclaimed Dutch Conductor with an extremely repertoire. Known from TV. Jules inspires, motivates as a keynote speaker at your event. The Maestro as Manager - The Manager as Maestro. About Leadership, Team building, Culture and Diversity, Charisma and Innovation.

Management & Leadership, Communications & IT, Culture, Music & Society
Expert | Thought leader
Keynote speaker, Moderator/ Presenter, Breakout session, Master class
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Jules van Hessen as conductor and as an inspiring, motivational, interactive and humorous keynote speaker.
The perfect opening or closing speaker at your event.

Maestro Jules van Hessen wants to share with as many people as possible the moving power and the quality of classical music in an inspiring and connecting way. Maestro Jules does this by taking his audience into the world of orchestral music as an inviting, sometimes mischievous, but always substantive guide.

Jules van Hessen is an acclaimed Dutch conductor with an extremely diverse repertoire. Passionate as he is about the classical works of all time, he has made it his mission to share and reveal the beauty of classical music with as many people as possible. To that purpose he has developed a concert formula called Maestro Jules Reveals, with which he has been touring throughout the Netherlands. With expertise that includes conducting a vast amount of renowned orchestras and opera houses around the world, award-winning Dutch musician and orchestral leader Jules van Hessen also has experience as a CD and DVD recording artist, a lecturer and radio host. He has served as Artistic Director of the Netherlands Theatre Orchestra (now called the Maestro Jules Orchestra) since its founding in 1987, where his ongoing acclaim has fostered the introduction of his own series, conducting and explaining the genesis and structure of the orchestral masterpieces that are programmed. The series is now performed in many concert halls (Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, TivoliVredenburg Utrecht, Musis in Arnhem, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven) by various Dutch and German orchestras. The success of his formula Maestro Jules Reveals, has led to three prime-time broadcasts with the Dutch Radio Philharmonic Orchestra on Dutch Public Television (AVROTROS).

Jules van Hessen is an expert and an ambassador of Jewish music: he was both conductor of the PBS production "Cantors, a Faith in Song" and "The New York Cantors", which was recorded in the beautiful 17th-century Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam and broadcast nationwide in the United States of America. He has formulated numerous innovating and entertaining lecture series for businesses, including "The conductor as manager, The manager as conductor," and has been a long-time host on Dutch Public Classical Radio (NTR).

Jules van Hessen earned his academic credentials from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where instructors included Edward Downes, Lionel Friend, Peter Eotvos, Karl Oesterreicher and Gennadi Rozhdjestvensky. Since then he was awarded the Silver Flower at the San Remo International Competition, Second Prize & Orchestra Prize at the Malko Competition in Copenhagen, and the Laureate Prize for the Igor Stravinsky Conducting Competition in Austria. He was chosen to conduct the final Gala Concert at the Dutch (NOS) International Conductors Course and remains the first Dutch conductor to ever be invited to the People's Republic of China. He has worked in Italy, France, Denmark, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Monaco, Austria, the United States of America, China, Brazil, Thailand, the Middle East and Mexico, conducting alongside artists such as Frank Peter Zimmermann, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Pepe Romero, Nelson Freire, Behzod Abduraimov and Giora Feidman.

Jules van Hessen's critically acclaimed recordings include the complete works of Danish composer Bent Sorensen. Recently he was knighted by His Majesty Willem Alexander King of the Netherlands "Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau" for his achievements as Ambassador of Classical Music.


Keynote speaker
Moderator/ Presenter
Breakout session
Master class


The conductor as manager - The manager as conductor

A conductor must always anticipate. But sometimes he or she can take it too far!

The famous and highly routined English maestro Sir Adrian Boult is rehearsing. Suddenly, he stops the orchestra and says: ‘Third horn, you’re a little flat.’ To which the second horn replies: ‘Excuse me, sir, but the third horn hasn’t arrived yet.’ The stoical conductor ignores his embarrassing mistake and – unperturbed – responds: ‘Well, when he does, please tell him he’s too flat!’

This anecdote and similar stories weave a common thread throughout conductor Jules van Hessen’s lively presentations about the analogies between conducting and leadership. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the conducting profession and even get a crash course in conducting and baton techniques. Frequently asked questions include – ‘What’s the conductor’s role?’ and ’What does the conductor do exactly?’ Van Hessen answers these and many other questions.

He also discusses a wide range of related themes such as gestural versus verbal communication, the nature and workings of charisma, cultural influences and the technique of policy transference. What’s more, you learn about the orchestra as a professional institution and conversely how to nurture creativity and creative potential within virtually any organisation – emphasising cultural differences and how to embrace them.

Jules van Hessen includes in his lectures topics such as:
- Leadership
- Culture, Inclusion and Diversity
- Innovation
- Reflection and feedback
- Charisma
- Team building / Team work
- Hierarchical aspects
- Dealing with a professional organization

A conductor needs the right attitude to forge ahead and implement change. He or she has to create the right conditions for professionals under his or her direction for them to cooperate as fully as possible and act in unison. You’ll soon grasp how the relationship between an orchestra and its conductor serves as an excellent analogy for teams and their managers.

Jules van Hessen also reveals the differences between mediocre orchestras and great orchestras, and their conductors, and how these can relate to your own profession or organisation. You’ll discover that the processes and problems conductors have to contend with are familiar and relevant to any leader or team member.

His presentations blend education and entertainment sublimely, not only by projecting relevant video material and having the orchestra play live excerpts, but by infusing them with his own inimitable style and flair for entertainment and communication. Like the true conductor that he is, he conjures up a creative and interactive setting in which the audience plays an active role.

A briefing session precedes every presentation to tailor it to your organisation’s needs and requirements and make sure it’s relevant and applicable to your choice of audience.

Past clients include several Dutch ministries, numerous Dutch companies such as ENECO, Transavia, and Wessel Stevin and multinationals such as ABN AMRO, AT&T, Corus, EY, Hitachi, KLM, SAP and Universal.