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Joel aan 't Goor

Joel aan 't Goor

CEO OPEN Business Leaders. Founder Project Insides. Author of Your Soul as USP in an AI world (2018).

Trends, Business & Management
Business leader | Entrepeneur, Business coach | Mentor, Mental coach | Spiritual speaker
Keynote speaker, Coach / Trainer, Expert, Breakout session, Master class
The Roast of your Leadership, The Roast of … You, The Era of Purpose, Crash Course Meditation
The Netherlands


  • 2017
  • 2017 Founder en CEO Project Insides
  • 2011
  • Founder en CEO Business Leaders
  • 2007
  • Master of Science Psychology (Groningen en Buenos Aires)
  • 2007
  • Management Consultant bij Hay Group
  • 2006
  • Master of Science Bedrijfskunde (Groningen en Lissabon)


Business administrator and psychologist Joel aan ’t Goor is the founder of Project Insides and CEO of Business Leaders, an cross-sector network of 500 CEOs of large and medium-sized enterprises, which he founded when he was 29.


Keynote speaker
Coach / Trainer
Breakout session
Master class


Joel his strength lies in a combination of a deep understanding of people, entrepreneurship and business. He challenges you to assume responsibility and get to know your deepest motives. Get behind the wheel of your own happiness, creations, relationships and the society your living in. According to him this is the very key to a meaningful life, commercial success and a better world.



The Roast of your Leadership

Most successful leaders (entrepreneurs / CEO’s / managers) know their own strengths, but they surely also know what to best outsource to others. Everyone has it all in them, but nobody needs to be able to do everything themselves. This masterclass aims to uncover what you should focus on more as a leader and what you should absolutely stop doing immediately. In the best interest of both your company’s growth and yourself.  

What to expect:
Expect an in-your-face, fun and mind-shifting experience. From the day you are born, your personality is created through interaction with your environment. Today, we mercilessly strip you of all your subconscious motivations, blind spots and pitfalls. As a leader and a human being. We do this with the help of the most remarkable, inimitable and accurate assessment of who you are: the Project Insides Scan. You fill out the scan before the event, online and in no more than 15 minutes.

You get insights in:
- Your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. And the way you can harness these in a better way.
- Your deep, unconscious motivations which determine nearly everything in your life and the way you manage your business.
- The way you can increase the growth of your organization with your own unique personality.


The Roast of … You

An in-your-face, fun and mind-shifting experience for your team or organization ‘The Roast of .. You’ is what you are looking for.From the day you are born, your personality is created through interaction with your environment. In The Roast, we mercilessly strip the participants of all their subconscious motivations, blind spots and pitfalls. As a professional and a human being. No worries, we will also build the participants up again with love.

After The Roast participants will understand themselves better, understand each other better and through their new insights, will be able to perform better as an individual and as a group.

The Era of Purpose

Humanity is caught in an amazing technological acceleration. A wave of exponentially developing technologies is headed straight for us. Because of its speed, only few people realize how drastically this is going to change the world in the next couple of years. Artificial Intelligence will become more intelligent than we are and will come with serious threats. At the same time technology helps us access a different kind of lifestyle. A life in which ‘having to’ changes into ’getting to’. And ‘working’ changes into ‘playing’. This means that meaningfulness and self-development will become more important than ever for people, leaders and organizations.

Crash Course Meditation

In the past few years science has shown that meditating people in general are more creative, happy, energetic, focused and healthy. We nowadays see that more and more successful leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and thinkers actively meditate.

In a single session, Joel will teach you the essence of the why and how behind meditation. No vague definitions, no uncomfortable postures or difficult exercises. A direct approach, which is immediately applicable in daily life.