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Jan van Setten

Jan van Setten

Provokes Your Thinking and Acting with Humor as Gel for the Soul.

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Keynote speaker, Moderator/ Presenter
How do I get them there?, The Customer Whisperer, DOING is Confusingly Simple, Your Team at Full Power
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The Netherlands


  • 2016
  • Jan Van Setten publishes his third book "Leven is verwarrend eenvoudig"
  • 2014
  • Jan van Setten releases his second book "De Klantenfluisteraar"
  • 2013
  • Jan van Setten is named 'best rated speaker' on the entrepreneur's week
  • 2011
  • Best rated seminar by Denkproducties
  • 2010
  • Jan launches his first book 'Hoe krijg ik ze zover', which has been nominated for management book of the year.
  • 2000
  • Jan van Setten sets up the Business Innovation Group with three other "freedom fighters" for coaching, training and advice


Jan van Setten is one of the most inspiring and driven (management) coaches in the Netherlands. He is a much sought-after expert in the field of (personal) leadership, behavioral change and customer focus.

Jan grew up in Rotterdam South. After pre-university education, his working life started at Moret and Limperg (nowadays Ernst & Young / EY) and rolled from accountancy to commerce and marketing. After having built up various businesses from Europe to Russia, he founded the Business Innovation Group with three other "freedom fighters" in 2000 for coaching, training and advice. This as a positive aggression against the loss of pleasure, purity and results in management land. He then expanded his career as a speaker and enter-trainer in the areas of entrepreneurship-customer focus and (personal) leadership-organization change. Through his lectures and workshops he has reached tens of thousands of people in an inspiring way. In 2012 and 2013, he was named the best-rated speaker at the entrepreneur's week!

Van Setten gained extensive experience in commercial and general management positions at companies such as Nestlé and Alcoa. After having built up various businesses from Europe to Russia, he has expanded his career as an author, speaker and enter-trainer in the areas of entrepreneurship-customer focus and (personal) leadership-organizational change. Through his lectures and workshops, he has reached tens of thousands of people in an inspiring way and has been named best speaker of the "Week of the Entrepreneur" several times.



Keynote speaker
Moderator/ Presenter



Jan van Setten's lectures have a high level of energy and interaction. With van Setten, the audience is guaranteed to be at the edge of their seats. Nobody leaves the room without a new insight and concrete action. The number of participants for a lecture is unlimited and Jan delivers standard custom work: he likes to think along about the interpretation of his lecture based on your specific wishes and expectations. Jan has a passion for positive psychology and a big impact as a speaker because of his pleasantly confronting style, humor and energy.

Van Setten inspires and gets people moving on an authentic way through his lectures. “Confusingly simple” insights and tools are coming up in an interactive manner that you can immediately apply in your own practice.



How do I get them there?


You are in the middle of an important change process. As the "driver" of the change you have developed a clear vision and translated it into a concrete and clear plan for the future .... but who will follow? Your colleagues' colleagues wait and continue to ask questions. How do you get them to cooperate?

The Customer Whisperer


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to look into the brain and heart of your customer? You don't have to be a neuroscientist for that. How does a customer really decide? Why does my message (sometimes) come across differently than I want? In short, you want to know what (internal) customers are really happy about and how they always return to you?

DOING is Confusingly Simple


Doing is the new Thinking. Sounds confusingly simple ?! And that is it. It is a shame that they did not give the 'Do' course at school. Good news: with Jan, "Doing" goes on the cutting table and he exposes the inhibitors and accelerators. What is the turning point from Thinking to Doing? How do you use headwind to take off? Note, you only live once at a time! L.I.V.E ,: Leven Is Verwarrend Eenvoudig (Life Is Confusingly Simple).

Your Team at Full Power

On your own, you can make faster choices, but together you get more things done. How do you achieve the perfect balance? How do you ensure that diversity in a team contributes to unity? With practical tips and tools from Jan, you can turn a 'normal' team into a top team!