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Hans van Grieken

Hans van Grieken

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Management & Leadership, Communications & IT
Expert | Thought leader
Keynote speaker, Moderator/ Presenter, Master class
Languages spoken
English Dutch German
Travels from
The Netherlands


  • 2018
  • Keynote Bond Healthcare USA on Digitization of Healthcare - Torrey Pines (near San Diego) California, USA
  • 2018
  • Keynote Tech Trends 2018 - Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 2017
  • Keynote + Conference Chair Deloitte Digital DNA conference - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2017
  • Keynote Startup Istanbul conference - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2017
  • Keynote European Union on Digital DNA - Luxembourg city
  • 2017
  • Keynote ABB 125 year anniversary conference on Industry 4.0 - Van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2017
  • Keynote Digital Agenda Conference Copenhagen - Copenhagen
  • 2015
  • Conference Chair NATO Future Force Conference, Dutch National Military Museum Soesterberg, Netherlands


Hans van Grieken is the EMEA Technology Research & Insights Leader within Deloitte’s global Technology programme. Hans is an engaging, powerful and extremely energetic and passionate keynote and corporate speaker with a broad experience across the world. Since 2000 he has delivered more than 800 keynotes at conferences and in boardrooms worldwide on the topic of Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation.
He addressed audiences in a total of 20 different industry sectors ranging from Retail to Financial Services, from the Leisure Industry to Manufacturing, from Tax & Customs to Public Security and Defence. Given his deep technological knowledge and his exposure to numerous global sectors and industries, Van Grieken is well positioned to identify re-usable Digital best in class solutions from other industries. After just about any of his keynotes, business leaders realize they need to pay more attention to the fundamental technology driven changes that are shaping their future business environment, and that it is their responsibility to act swiftly.
Hans van Grieken is also a Fellow at Deloitte’s Center for the Edge as well a part-time Executive Lecturer at Nyenrode Business School on the topic of Digital Disruption and Innovation. Since 2009 he serves as a supervisory board member at Priva, world market-leader in greenhouse climate management and process optimization.



Keynote speaker
Moderator/ Presenter
Master class


Digital Disruption is not going to go away for the coming 15 years. Europe is already lagging behind. Business leaders need to understand and act now to secure the business continuity of their enterprise. I know what’s coming in digital innovation and I’m well equipped to get that message across and make them act upon it.

Topics Hans van Grieken:
1. Digital DNA: Based on extensive MIT Sloan dataset: what 4 typical  archetypes can be observed in the way in which companies deal with Digital Disruption. How do they trial, validate, scale or fail new Digital technologies?  Which two fundamentally different archetypes work well and why? – includes publication

2. Digital Disruption: what makes Digital Technologies Exponential, why are they Disruptive and what 9 typical patterns of (digital) disruption should companies be aware of to define their survival strategies – includes publication from Center for the Edge

3. Tech Trends: what new digital technologies are hot currently, what is their business relevance and what is to come next? This presentation can be fully tailored to specific industry and sector relevant examples!

4. Digital Era Technology Operating Models: to mid-seized and corporate organisations, new digital technologies only make business sense when they scale. What 9 big shifts are changing the way in organisations produce and scale new technologies, in terms of their “way of working”, their “resources” in terms of money, people, skills, governance, and the “technologies” themselves. What should the future IT department look like when every function within the firm has turned “digital”?

5. Digital Technology Basics for Supervisory Board Members: what trends need to be taken serious since they potentially regard business continuity. What are the relevant questions to ask to the Executive Board concerning their digital transformation, their risk apetite, their speed to market, their governance and digital security? What will the future workforce look like? How will Robotic Process Automation influence the labor force and future jobs?



UTI Worldwide
Hans van Grieken is an engaging and passionate speaker.  Global Supply Chain company UTi Worldwide engaged Hans at a number of top locations across the world (Budapest, Nice and Bangkok) both as a keynote speaker for our clients as well as Conference Chair for our Annual International Sales Kick Off meeting. Hans is gifted and has a broad international experience and in-depth knowledge of relevant innovative trends, certainly not limited to our logistics sector only. Precisely this broad global background allowed him to engage with our management and customers that represent all kinds of manufacturers and markets, ranging from high-tech companies to top brand apparel manufacturers, and from automotive companies to luxury goods and pharmaceutical companies. His speaking engagements with UTi were relevant, energizing, very interactive and certainly funny and entertaining! 
Bas Wouters - Global Director, Product and Vertical Marketing, UTi Worldwide

Future Force Conference Nato
As the Chair to the Future Force Conference, Hans van Grieken demonstrated considerable talent in managing a complex, time- sensitive and technically challenging two-day conference, interviewing dignitaries and top speakers from across the world on current military affairs and the challenges of industry. Although sometimes confronting and straight forward, his interview style was considered to be relevant, engaging and distinctively humorous by almost all attendees. By leading the conference the way he did, Van Grieken made a considerable contribution to its succes.
Tom Middendorp – Commander in Chief Dutch Armed Forces

Deloitte’s European Union Conference on Digital Transformation
Your presentation made a large contribution to the success of our Event. We received multiple feedback from senior EU executives and participants on the pertinence, the depth and the quality of your presentation.
Petra Hazenberg – Deloitte Luxembourg Member-firm

Bond Healthcare Conferences USA
Hans van Grieken was the Keynote speaker at our Bond Healthcare with participants from across North America. His presentation of a complex subject matter was exciting, stimulating, mind bending, challenging and beautifully presented in an amusing and strangely digestible style. I would recommend Hans to add authority, panache and zest to any programme whatsoever. He’s a brilliant speaker and he knows his stuff!
Oliver Needs – President BOND Events Corporation