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Elke Geraerts

Elke Geraerts

The Brain expert | Founder of Better Minds at Work | Best selling Author | Assemblee Speakers is the official booking agent of Elke Geraerts.

Human Capital, Business & Management
Expert | Thought leader, Scientist
Keynote speaker, Moderator/ Presenter, Master class


Elke is a doctor in psychology and held various academic positions at the universities of Harvard, St. Andrews, Maastricht and Rotterdam. Elke is co-founder and managing partner of the international consultancy company Better Minds at Work and wrote the bestseller Better Minds. Elke is keen to give speeches that last and give you insight about your brain and that of your organization.

Elke gives stimulating keynote speeches about how we as humans can get the best out of life (work and private life). Elke speaks passionately about how you can organize your life a little more consciously and thus increase your resilience and energy. Her approach is founded on both the latest scientific insights and her practical experience within the business world. Elke gave vibrant talks in Cape Town, New York, Dubai, Sydney and Lima and is keen to inspire you and your organization.


Keynote speaker
Moderator/ Presenter
Master class



No Guts No Glory

Elke makes a powerful case for taking control of your own life with greater courage. She debunks the myth of time management, blows a hole through our eternal search for a work-life balance and explains how empathy can lead to success. Expect to see your employees motivated to take greater ownership and make choices which will make them happier and more successful in the long term.

Better Minds
In this keynote, Elke provides inspiration for ways to build your personal resilience and that of your team. This keynote is not only the perfect antidote to burnout, but also an eye-opener that makes it clear that investing in resilience leads to greater productivity and happiness. In a 48-hour challenge, Elke will push you to apply a number of tips and tricks in practice straight away.


Christophe Degrez [CEO Eneco Belgium]

Elke Geraerts was able to inspire our company with a natural mix of academic insights and pragmatic declinations. She was able to find the right fit with our company culture in no time. By doing so she was able to connect with a broad audience. Her down to earth way of bringing the messages of the “CaliHero” and how to have the growth-mindset, really inspired me too. And on top of that she is a gifted speaker.

Geert Aelbrecht [HR director BESIX Group]
Elke and her team of Better Minds at Work are helping BESIX worldwide to create a company where Resilience is not only being preached, but also trained and supported. Elke delivers great insight in how managers and employees can focus on what truly matters, be attentive to detect those that need our help more and how everybody can become more resilient through balance and taking care of each other.