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Ed Nijpels

Ed Nijpels

Dutch leader and former politician

Sustainability, Energy, Climate & Environment, Economy & Finance
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The term corporate social responsibility reflects exactly what Ed Nijpels (1950) considers important. He likes to talk about general, political topics, but the combination of business, environment and sustainability has his special interest. Since May 2008, as a former chairman of NLingenieurs, the industry association of consultancy and engineering firms, Nijpels has been involved in related social issues such as mobility and accessibility, climate change and safety. NLingenieurs-bureaus provide services in the field of infrastructure, construction, water, spatial planning and project management. All subjects with which Nijpels has experience and affinity as a former director and politician. In 1988, as Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, he presented the Fourth Spatial Planning Memorandum and in 1989 the very first National Environmental Policy Plan, valued by coalition and opposition. In the nineties, he was the (co-) presenter of the TROS programs 'Aktua Export', 'Aktua in operation' and 'Licht op groen', in which he calls attention to the excellent performance of Dutch business, without the effects on forget the environment. Since June 2015, he has left his presidency with NLingenieurs.

When Nijpels resigned in early 2008 - after nine years - as Queen's Commissioner of the province of Friesland, he already had an impressive political and social career. It starts when he becomes a member of the VVD as an 18-year-old. He studies law in the free field of study at the University of Utrecht, which means that he is not allowed to put mr. But drs. Nijpels teaches social studies at an RK high school in Roosendaal, before joining the Bergen op Zoom city council in 1976. In 1977 he became a member of the House of Representatives and in 1982 he succeeded - 32 years old - Hans Wiegel as party chairman of the VVD. He is the party leader for the VVD in the parliamentary elections of 1982 and 1986. In 82 he achieved the largest election win for the VVD ever, ten seats. After his ministry in the Lubbers II cabinet (1986-1989), he was a member of parliament for more than half a year. In 1990, Nijpels leaves for Breda, where he has been mayor for five years. From August 2009 to February 2010, Ed Nijpels is chairman of the board of ABP, General Civil Pension Fund.

Ed Nijpels himself is, in a manner of speaking, an example of sustainable activity. He is chairman of Thuiswinkel.org, the trade association for companies that offer products and / or services at a distance, especially online, and chairman of the Supervisory Board of AVROTROS. He is also a member of a number of Supervisory Boards, chairman of civil society organizations such as the Climate Center of the International Red Cross, the Energy Performance Certification Foundation, Ronald McDonald Children's Fund, the Milieu Centraal Foundation, the Bailiffs Guarantee Fund Foundation and 'Water for Life'. In total, Nijpels holds around thirty additional positions. He has previously been a goodwill ambassador for UNEP, the environmental organization of the United Nations, and as chairman of the Taskforce on the Elderly and Labor and the Gray Working Steering Group - advisory committees of the cabinet - gave advice on getting and keeping 55-year-olds to work . A subject that is still dear to him. According to Nijpels, only 45 percent of the population over 55 take part in the labor process. For example, by raising the retirement age and abolishing the policy of deprivation, labor participation in this age category can grow.

On behalf of the Social and Economic Council, Ed Nijpels monitors the Energy Agreement that was concluded in September 2013 by the cabinet, social partners, civil society organizations and the environmental movement. This should ensure that 16 percent of our energy is generated in 2023 in a sustainable way. Also, 1.5 percent less energy needs to be used every year.

The many awards he has received have shown that his many activities do not go unnoticed. Nijpels is Commander of the Order of Oranje Nassau, Commander of the Order of the Golden Ark, Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion, Commander of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, Commander of the Order of Leopold (Belgium) and Grand Officer of the Order of the Oak Crown (Luxembourg). He has received the Eimert Sinoo prize from the FNV for special initiatives in the field of working conditions in the construction industry. Ed Nijpels is one of the six politicians who have been a member of parliament, mayor, minister and Queen's Commissioner since 1815.


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1. Politics

2. Mobility and accessibility

3. Climate change

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5. Infrastructure, construction, water, spatial planning and project management

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