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Dado Van Peteghem

Dado Van Peteghem

One of the leading experts in the digital sector.

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Dado Van Peteghem is one of the leading experts in the digital sector. He is a frequent keynote speaker and entrepreneur. Dado is Founding partner at the consulting firm Duval Union Consulting, co-founder of several startups including Social Seeder and SpeakersBase, giving more than 150 speeches internationally on topics as digital disruption and transformation, social media and startups.

Dado studied Communication Sciences and Informatics at the University of Ghent. He started his career at InSites Consulting, a global market research agency, as a consultant for international brands in many different industries. In 2011 he founded the consultancy firm DearMedia together with the Internet pioneer Jo Caudron. DearMedia was acquired by Duval Union later on.

In 2014 Dado Van Peteghem and Jo Caudron, wrote the book "Digital Transformation - a model to master digital disruption” to help organizations prepare themselves for the digital revolution. The book is a guide for organizations in various industries that want to integrate digital into their business and is now sold in over 40 countries.

As Founding Partner at Duval Union Consulting, Dado helps organizations with their digital operations, outlining their vision and strategy, and setting up collaborations with startups, incubators and technology partners. In the past 10 years Dado has transformed many organizations by injecting digital into their DNA and activities.

This makes Dado a solicited lecturer and keynote speaker at international events for e.g. Google, Cisco, EMC, SAP and others, as well as various business schools like Vlerick International Business School, EMLYON European Business School, EHSAL Management School, Tias Nimbas Business School.


Keynote speaker




The third wave of the Internet is unfolding in front of our eyes, but what is it all about and which opportunities will the Metaverse/Web3 shift create for business & society at large?
Looking at the number of players involved, the attention of investors & the fast growing spending on virtual identities, services and products...the game is really on. There is a generation waiting on our doorsteps, flourishing in virtual worlds and virtual communities. They think and act differently, from leisure over work and everything in between.
So how can you create value and grasp the opportunity? This presentation will guide you through the different layers of Web3 & the Metaverse and how you can leverage its potential to serve the next generation of customers, citizens and communities. Prepare yourself for the promising future of the Metaverse generation and get ready to delight them.

Hemingway once said: ‘The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them’. Trust in business is not always easy to find, especially in challenging and volatile times.
If you want to succeed trust is a crucial concept to understand and to radiate towards your employees and partners. 
In this presentation Dado Van Peteghem provides 10 guiding principles on how to build and maintain trust in relationships, based on the book he wrote in 2021 on Metasystems - How Trust can change the world.

In the future, competition will happen on the level of ecosystems instead of the level of products. The world is changing too fast to go at it alone, organisations need to partner up to win in the new economy.
In this presentation Dado Van Peteghem shares his insights on how to leverage partnerships as the growth model of the future, based on his books on Corporate Venturing & Metasysems. 
After all, it's together that we build the future. 

It’s impossible to predict the future, but it’s possible to prepare for it. Spotting early-stage trends, identifying digital innovations, and planning for the customer of tomorrow is essential to stay future fit. 
In this presentation Dado Van Peteghem brings these trends and future scenarios to your industry and helps you to anticipate what is to come.
Are you ready to embark on this journey?