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Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin

Bio-Technologist, Digital Strategist and Organisational Change Agent | Expert and Thought leader on Digital Disruption & Digital Transformation. Assemblee Speakers is the official booking agent of Chris Baldwin. Contact Chris Baldwin as speaker at your event directly through Assemblee Speakers!

Management & Leadership, Science & Education, Communications & IT
Expert | Thought leader, Business coach | Mentor, Scientist
Keynote speaker, Expert, Moderator/ Presenter, Breakout session
Meaningful Connections, Building Relationships, Exponential Mindset, Digital Transformation
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English Dutch French
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  • 2019
  • #1 on Top 10 speaker list in the Netherlands
  • 2018
  • Fastest growing speaker in the Netherlands
  • 2018
  • TEDx Talk "The Choice is Yours"
  • 2017
  • IAB Keynote on Future of Digital.
  • 2014
  • Pitched and won 17M from City of Amsterdam to launch a new Institute.
  • 2010
  • Very successful few years of business allowed me to semi-retire and focus on family.
  • 2007
  • Successfully defended my PhD thesis in Medicine on HIV/AIDS (audience 200+)
  • 2003
  • Presentation of scientific discovery to audience of 1000+ including Nobel laureates.


Chris Baldwin is a seasoned keynote speaker, TEDx speaker and was voted the fastest growing speaker for 2018 and #1 on the top10 speaker list for 2019 in the Netherlands.

Chris is a thought leader in digital transformation, disruptive technologies, digital innovation and building meaningful relationships through technology. He helps thought leaders strategise on innovative ways to build meaningful connections at scale in a hyper-connected world. His ability to authentically engage audiences sets him apart from most speakers. He delivers passionate and powerful keynotes that challenge the status quo and inspire people into action.

He is currently the founder & CEO of 10xDigital, a strategic innovation partner catalysing the growth of agencies & brands. Chris is an early Internet pioneer with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, having founded and lead numerous technology startups. He has delivered hundreds of keynotes and worked with brands such as Microsoft, Google, IAB, IPG, Liferay, Rabobank, ABN AMRO, T-Mobile, TUI, Catawiki, Dominos, G-Star, Mercedes, TNT, Europcar, Loyens & Loeff and the Dutch Government.

Chris has served on the boards of numerous digital media agencies and worked for non-profit organisations such as the Amsterdam Health & Technology Institute (AHTI), for which he was a founding member and helped secure 17 million EURO in funding from the city of Amsterdam. He guest lectures at universities and is regularly invited to speak as a technology evangelist for major international organisations such as Microsoft, Google and IAB.

Chris holds a Doctorate in Biotechnology and is known in the scientific community for having discovered the first drug-dependent HIV-1 virus and co-developed a candidate vaccine for HIV (AIDS). He has developed a novel model called "Meaningful Connections" on how to build relationships through technology, which helps organisations build better customer relationships and drive more business in a digital age.


Keynote speaker
Moderator/ Presenter
Breakout session


Seasoned keynote speaker, change agent, digital transformation specialist and biotechnologist.

Chris Baldwin is a most inspiring speaker on the following topics:

Building Meaningful Connections at Scale
Inspiring people and organisations into building meaningful connections at scale through technology.

The 7 Mindsets of Successful Customer Relationships
Taking the audience on a journey into the 7 mindsets needed to building successful customer relationships.

Thinking Differently about the Future of Digital
An inspiring story which takes the audience on a journey from MadMen to Steve Jobs to Elon Musk and beyond. Why do we need to think different about the future of digital and how to build a future we can be proud of.

An Exponential Mindset for an Exponential Age
Let me dazzle your audience on the exponential mindset you and your organisation needs to thrive in this exponential age powered by technology.

Enabling the Entrepreneur within your Organisation
What is required to enable an entrepreneurial culture within your growing organisation? This keynote inspires your organisation to become more entrepreneurial, stimulates innovation capacity and retain top talent.

Getting the most out of People & Teams
In this keynote I bring you some hacks on how to get the most out of people and teams to get both what you want and what they want. This is a keynote about soft skills and improving inter-personal relationship skills to thrive in face to face human communication.

Organisational Change & Innovation
In this keynote I inspire organisational leaders and change agents on what it takes to steer an organisation into a digital era and how the most successful organizations of our era deal with this constant state of change.




Meaningful Connections
Building Relationships
Exponential Mindset
Digital Transformation