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Cedric Dumont

Cedric Dumont

Sportpsycholoog, Coach, Basejumper, Grenzen Verleggen

Business leader | Entrepeneur, Mental coach | Spiritual speaker, Athlete | Sport coach
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Cedric Dumont is a wingsuit flyer, base jumper and high-performance psychologist. He has been fascinated by flight all his life.
He is an International Red Bull Athlete, and his partnership with the company enables him to develop challenging and exciting projects all over the world.

Cedric has completed more than 11,000 skydives and 2,500 BASE jumps, and he is constantly in pursuit of more iconic places to mark and jump from. Among his most notable jumps are a BASE jump from the Gocta Falls In Peru, the third highest waterfall in the world, a wingsuit flight over the Nazca desert in Peru, and a freefall over the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the “Leap of Wonder”.

Cedric’s records include the first ever BASE jump from Lithuania's tallest structure, the 170-meter high Vilnius TV tower in 2009; the world's highest railway bridge in Montenegro (201m); the Royal Gorge Bridge in Cañon City, Colorado, the highest suspended bridge in the world (384m); and off the 431 meter-high Jin-Mao tower in Shanghai in a BASE wingsuit.

He has a degree in Applied Sports & High Performance Psychology, and has made a study of high performance athletes and how top performers create the rightmental state to achieve their best; How they prepare and how they cope under pressure under the most difficult circumstances. He has coached high performance athletes.



Keynote speaker


Cedric’s keynote speech is entitled DARE TO JUMP, and covers the following topics -

1. Create a BOLD leadership culture and operational excellence within your organisation and job
2. The neurochemistry of FLOW : become the best version of yourself when it really matters, manage fear, stress, change and perform under pressure.
3. Why your MINDSET is the ultimate factor that determines success or failure.
4. Find your PURPOSE for full engagement: How to inspire others as a leader and grow leaders at all levels , the power of story-telling
5. Why RESILIENCE is the new happiness at work.
6. FOCUS is the new IQ; selective behaviour, setting priorities, process goal and be radically accountable
7. The science of TRUST within high-performing teams: Be reliable, lead by example, positive communication and empowerment.
8. Educated RISK TAKING: there is no transformation and innovation without risk!