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Carsten K. Rath

Carsten K. Rath

An extraordinary company must not be managed in an ordinary way!

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Be different! Opt for a service that is truly special and score points with your customers. This is Carsten K. Rath’s motto. Carsten K. Rath is a Global Topspeaker and 2011’s ‘Hotel Manager of the Year’. He shows you how to think and act in the customers’ interests, astounding them and turning customers into your friends. Unique service in marketing and sales is the only way to achieve this goal - to win repeat customers who will tell others about the excellent service provided by your company.

Carsten K. Rath has been an entrepreneur since 2008 as well as the CEO of the Lifestyle Hospitality & Entertainment Group (LHEG) operating the brand KamehaTM and the ‘CKR-Service-Excellence Academy’.  Carsten K. Rath’s motto is: “Service Excellence” everywhere and all the time. The expert for service, marketing and sales has received numerous awards, including: Innovation Award of the Confederation of the German Tourist Industry, Hotel Manager of the Year, Employer of the Year and Host of the Year.

After starting his career in a family-run hotel in the Black Forest Carsten K. Rath soon gained worldwide experience in customer service within the hospitality and tourism industries creating service oases where there were service deserts previously. Apart from his executive experience in Africa and Asia, his professional commitment during the pre-opening and opening stages in the Grand Hotel industry on almost all continents of the world have established his reputation as an entrepreneurial market leader. Adding to his prestige in the fields of sales and marketing he has held positions as Managing Director of the Robinson Club Ltd., Managing Director Arabella Hotel Holding International and C.E.O. Arabella Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Would you also like your customers to share the entrepreneurial and philosophical spirit of your company? Would you like your customers to notice the great value and emphasis your company places on mutual appreciation and service? Then enthral your customers by making your employees brand sales ambassadors. Get handy and proven tips for successful management, service and marketing with the keynote speaker Carsten K. Rath. Offer excellent service without any ifs and buts. Stand out from the crowd! Remember: An extraordinary company must not be managed in an ordinary way!

In his inspiring speeches at conventions and company events Carsten K. Rath shares his experience, motivation and knowledge drawing logical parallels between the Grand hospitality industry and other industries with numerous real life examples. Not only do his audiences profit from his commitment and passion for service coupled with enthusiastic customer orientation but they also gain insight into his networking skills. The entrepreneur Carsten K. Rath demonstrates how imperative networking skills across industries, to interesting people and companies often lead to new ideas and projects.

As a Global Topspeaker Carsten K. Rath is direct, honest and entertaining, while motivating people to implement his ideas and tips. His enthusiasm for extraordinary success is contagious winning his audience over within the first few minutes. His practical approach, suggestions, proposals for action and problem-solving approach are inspiring and promise sustainable success.      


Keynote speaker


Today’s working conditions are changing at a breakneck speed and the principles for a successful leadership are changing with them. Nowadays, executives are facing a new generation of employees: more direct and free in their way of thinking and acting. And this new generation has a deeper insight in what they expect from their job.

In his exciting lecture, grand hotelier and service expert Carsten K. Rath demonstrates how executives may adapt their leadership to this development. He knows: Outstanding performance is only possible within a barrier-free system. The future belongs to a leadership without thought barriers.

For a long time, dependency and supervision had been a part of the leadership philosophy. But this is how executives create the kind of hurdles in their companies that render the entire organisation sedate and unfree. And this is exactly what may lead to the downfall of such companies. An unfree leader trying to lead free people can only fail miserably. In his stirring presentation, service excellence expert and grand hotelier Carsten K. Rath calls for a revolution and modernisation of the foundation of leadership known to date. The entrepreneur who lives this leadership philosophy in his grand hotels of the Kameha group knows: Only a corporate system without barriers renders excellent results of all involved possible and allows for true and profound creativity and innovative ideas. Excellent leadership is leadership that is totally free in mind and allows all involved to truly act freely and independently!

In his lecture, keynote speaker Carsten Rath gets rid of old and outdated leadership habits and fights previous doctrines of leadership. He completely realigns the levels and standard operation procedures of management and shuffles relationships, communication, decisions, teamwork and innovation for a new, modern and successful game. Exciting and humorous stories from his long experience as an entrepreneur and executive add to the service expert’s lecture.

Discover your company’s path to a leadership without dependencies together with Carsten Rath. This inspiring hands-on presentation addresses executives who really want to be free and thus pave their employees’ way to outstanding results.