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Billie Jordan

Billie Jordan

Changing Mindsets to Ignite Potential!

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Changing Mindsets, Igniting Potential, Achievement at Any Age, Grow Your Gold
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Billie Jordan, is the Founder of the Hip Op-eration Crew, a hip hop dance crew of members aged 65 to 96 years old. Billie established the crew, after experiencing repeated trauma, to ignite the potential of the senior citizens in her neighbourhood. Through leadership, changing mindsets and perseverance Billie got her crew to the World Hip Hop Championships and into the Guinness Book of World Records! Billie was awarded a Queens Honour in 2016 and was New Zealand Woman of the Year in 2016/2017. She is the star of an award winning feature documentary film which has screened in cinemas all over the world, and now Hollywood plan on making her story into a block buster movie!


Keynote speaker
Breakout session


Speaker Type

Motivational and Inspirational - Keynote, Conference, After Dinner, Workshops. A fun hip hop dance lesson can also be included. Billie tailors her presentations to ensure they meet client's individual needs, are 'on message', and have audience out-takes that are aligned to the client's goals and event purpose.


"Billie Jordan's speech was amazing - she totally blew everyone away! Her presentation was exceptional and we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback especially about Billie's presentation. She set the tone for a fantastic day and was truly amazing. She deserves all the accolades she receives." Queenstown Chamber of Commerce

"Billie was the highlight of our three-day conference. Her keynote address was amazing and the workshop she ran for staff the following day has received rave reviews from everyone lucky enough to attend. An incredible speaker for any event!" Activ8, Scotland

​"Billie is an inspiration! She received a well-deserved standing ovation! I am sure she will be invited back by many of our colleagues!" Alberta Continuing Care Association, Canada

"Captivating! Engrossing! Our staff love hearing Billie's story so much we have had her speak at three different events now and she's also run a workshop at two different team building days. An amazing speaker who makes us laugh and cry every time!" Pepsi, Australasia

"Her vision bought out of hardship was inspirational, and the crew magic. When I saw the movie last year (my favourite movie of the year) I vowed to grow old disgracefully. Billie and the dance team have shown people how to live instead of waiting to die. They can all hold their heads high and be proud of their amazing achievements. There is so much that is wrong with our care of the elderly in most ‘civilised' countries, and Billie is addressing it in a very personal way."

​​"Thank you again, the staff are still on cloud nine, so inspired and almost daily we receive comments about how fantastic it was – both the crew and Billie's speech – she truly has an amazing story to tell and has touched our people immensely." Sovereign Insurance

​"We very much appreciate Billie opening our conference with such energy and authenticity. The response to her keynote presentation has been hugely positive. Billie's messages about innovation, ‘can do’ attitude, looking for the gold in people, and never giving up resonated very strongly with members of our sector. Conference participants used the words “inspirational,” “fabulous,” and “visionary” to describe her and her work and said she was an “awesome, inspiring speaker.” Adult Community Education

"Billie has been the talk of the audience since her presentation, as she not only relayed her entertaining experiences with The Hip Op-eration Crew but has prompted the audience to review their own approach to 'the grey tsunami' and how they themselves want to approach their future. She has raised our awareness which is much more than being just entertainment.  An excellent speaker with a relaxed style and very entertaining. We unreservedly recommend Billie Jordan." Zonta Women's Network

​"Absolutely brilliant! We loved Billie's presentation so much we hired her again for a second conference!" Southern Cross


Changing Mindsets

Challenging the status quo, corporate creativity, over-coming obstacles, leading change to maximise people's potential, turn-around, leadership, teamwork, peak performance, resilience.

*Ideal for corporate leaders managing teams that need to accept change while improving their performance.

Igniting Potential

Changing mindsets to achieve excellence, peak performance, leadership, having higher expectations, challenging the status quo. 

*Ideal for all personnel of an organisation wanting to encourage a higher level of performance.

Achievement at Any Age

Importance of having a sense of purpose as you age, challenging misperceptions of older adults, raising expectations of older adults, changing mindsets, over-coming obstacles, generational connections, inclusion, addressing isolation, dementia, ageing, diversity, ageism, humanitarian, live life to the fullest.

*Ideal for any event where the focus is on ageing, geriatrics, community, inclusion, diversity, humanitarian, personal growth, depression or senior care. The name of this presentation is often called 'The Granny Whisperer'.

Grow Your Gold

Personal growth, resilience, depression, trauma, over-coming obstacles, isolation, inclusion, diversity, humanitarian, adversity, post-traumatic stress disorder, live life to the fullest.

*Ideal for any event where the focus is on personal growth and how to overcome obstacles to live life to the fullest.