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Arjen Banach

Arjen Banach

Arjen Banach is a keynote speaker and organizational futurologist | About the Future of Work. Arjen is author of, 'A New Work Reality - How you work is more important than where'. Contact Assemblee Speakers to book speaker Arjen Banach directly.

Keynote speaker
Keynote speaker, Moderator/ Presenter, Master class
Formule voor Toekomstgerichte Organisaties, Boeien en Binden van Talent, Duurzaam Veranderen / Hoe krijg ik ze mee?, Hoe word ik een Inspirerende Werkgever?
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The Netherlands


  • 2017
  • Chief Happiness Officer bij Cosis, eerste in de zorg in NL
  • 2014
  • 1e ééndaagse-seminar Leiderschap
  • 2014
  • Jongste spreker ooit op TEDx Fryslan
  • 2010
  • 1e workshop Persoonlijk Leiderschap



Arjen Banach is a speaker and organizational futurologist. With his lectures and webinars, Arjen Banach is able to inspire and activate professionals at home and abroad on a weekly basis about, among other things:

  • Hybrid working and remote management
  • Change and Innovation
  • Good employership and job satisfaction

Arjen Banach has a fresh look at the future of organizing. An innovative and innovative view of how winning organizations are organized in the world of tomorrow. What are the essential ingredients for an inspiring organizational culture to get everyone on board, not focused on progress but on progress?

The world is changing rapidly and organizations have to keep up. What makes organizations distinguish themselves and are successful and what does that mean for the future of your organization?

Arjen Banach is not a professor or professor with a story that is full of scientific research and theoretical models. Arjen is the wrong place for an analytical lecture on management philosophy. Arjen Banach always brings a lot of energy as a speaker. Energy is the fuel to do things differently, to change. Humor, interaction, provocative questions and eye-openers predominate.
Arjen Banach shows that things can be done differently, inspires how to do that and motivates to actually put it into practice tomorrow.


Keynote speaker
Moderator/ Presenter
Master class



Energy & Confrontation
Arjen Banach brings energy to the room. He creates a relaxed atmosphere and also dares to confront in a way that he knows how to hold the attention - throughout the event - but without it becoming uncomfortable and the audience remains captivated.
Emke Daniëls – HR Top 100

Professional & Enthusiastic
A professional moderator who takes speakers and participants into the program with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. And that despite a preparation time of only four days! It was very pleasant to work with Arjen, until next time.
Deborah van Eijk – Brandweer Nederland

Knowledge & Fun
For the Recruiters United Employer Branding Summit, we chose Arjen Banach as chairman of the day because his knowledge and ambition fitted seamlessly with the theme of this event. And that was a good choice; enjoyed working with him!
Nicoline van Mulken – Recruiters United

Connection & Branding
Arjen Banach has succeeded very well as chairman of the day in connecting a variety of subjects and captivating the audience with his humor and energy until the end. In his own way, Arjen has given positive branding to our products and services for pharmacies and our organization as a whole.
Freek Brouwer – SBA

Inspirational & Dialogue
During HRM in Healthcare, Arjen Banach gives a fresh look at the future-oriented healthcare organization. How do you continue to provide quality care in a rapidly changing world? He inspires the 350 HR professionals and enters into a dialogue about how you can create a culture in which changes occur naturally. Full of enthusiasm and energy!
Joke Dielesen – CKC Seminars



Formule voor Toekomstgerichte Organisaties

Cultuur, innovatie, trends.

Boeien en Binden van Talent

Millenials, gen z, cultuur, generaties.

Duurzaam Veranderen / Hoe krijg ik ze mee?

Verandermanagement, experimenteren.

Hoe word ik een Inspirerende Werkgever?

Cultuur, werkgeluk.